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Decadent Bourbon

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25th Nov 2013

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Tasting Notes by masterj

This William Larue Weller was distilled in Spring of 2001 and aged on the 3rd & 4th floors of warehouses M & P.

Nose: Anise, dried fruit, caramel, brown sugar, malt, chocolate, corn syrupy, cola, liquor candy.

Taste: Medium bodied. Cola, spice, nice heat to it but not uncomfortable for it's proof. As you taste this you get black cherry, dried fruit, and a very intense taste of licorice.

Finish: Black cherries, licorice, spice. Oily and long finish. These flavors last very long on the palate.

Just a lovely Bourbon. Initially the nose is an almost exact copy of Weller 107/12 but it's still more put together than both. After allowed to open up it's almost unrecognizable from both. No jabbing alcohol like younger Wellers, just a composed deliver of smell. The taste of this Bourbon is completely different that either Weller 107 or 12. The profile is particularly appealing to me because I happen to love licorice and this is the main flavor on the palate. The finish is nice and long and filled with black cherry and licorice. This is one of my favorites of this years BTAC. Time to attempt to locate a bottle.


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