Whyte and Mackay Blended Scotch Whisky

The quality matches the price.

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21st Mar 2013

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Tasting Notes by hunggar

I got a mini bottle of this recently and I've decided to write a review for it. Because why not? I've seen those famous videos online of White and Mackay's somewhat "colourful" master blender, and I admit that I was curious to give this brand a go. It's an affordable blend that's great for mixing but also drinkable on its own.

Nose: Over-ripe banana, vanilla, brown sugar, malt, red apples, and toffee. Lovely sugary notes. Refreshing, smooth, sweet, and summery. Reasonably complex for a budget dram. The nose is certainly the highlight here.

Palate: Not as interesting as the nose. Cereal, malt. Vanilla and honey, but not very fresh. Quite a bit of pepper. A bit of oak towards the finish, if you can call that a finish. Decidedly not complex, but it's not offensive, either.

This is a budget blend, and it tastes like one. But it's drinkable and cheap, which is what we'd expect for this price range, so not bad. That being said, it's not the best out there among budget blends. It's not the worst, either. As the title says, the quality matches the price.


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Whyte and Mackay




Young Sauternes


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