Wild Turkey Rye

My first rye, my first review

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25th May 2011

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Tasting Notes by darktrader

Only a whisky drinker in the last year, my own self-guided tour shared with Grant at Culinary Spirits until I found Connsr. Mazeltov to you all.

My local purveyor dis not possess a deep bench of rye whiskey despite 20 feet worth of whiskey displays 7 feet tall. Without guidance from the staff nor the leadership of a distiller of choice, I flipped a coin between the $15 Jim Beam versus the Wild Turkey.

I must say this game of chance led me to a very good value.

My cabinet always has Evan Williams Black as I continuously find it to be the best value bourbon, and in fact better than the other better selling Kentucky types. Likewise, Wild Turkey Rye should go into any beginners list as they begin their whiskey sojourn/matriculation/expensive new hobby.

Nose: Smelled like the comfy bourbons I know (caramel), but a touch of burn on the soft tissues. Said heat must emanate from the 100 proof or the peppery woodsiness. I am not afraid.

Color: More brownish-red than other whiskys

Palate: Pow. THe heat of the 100 proof set a wake-up call, followed by a little oak and the peppery spice which if I really tried I could recall a weak chipotle pepper. But overall very smooth and satisfying as I tilt to the bolder drinks and away from sweet.

If I were to produce an old Western, the mise-en-scene would fail unless there were many bottles of Wild Turkey Rye behind the counter. While far from a premium balance and smoothness, worthy of a spot in your usual rotation.


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linusstick wrote:

This is the one and only staple in my liquor cabinet. I drink this regularly so I don't tap into my good single malts.

02 November 2011 02:07

Victor wrote:

@linusstick, Wild Turkey Rye is a staple in my cabinet as well. I could be very happy with it as my only whiskey on a desert island or cabin in the Yukon. It is great with Diet Dr. Pepper, ice, and a large slice of sweet orange. It is a great standard rye.

02 November 2011 02:26

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