A'bunadhman wrote:

Well done Piero! On the strength of your review I bought 2 V&B Highland (100mm.) glasses and they really do deliver - I would like to see a slightly smaller offering, say about 80mm. with the same profile; I have difficulty with what appears to be a very small volume of Whisky and tend to pour about it looks like a dram! But that's just me.


10 September 2012 20:15

Wodha wrote:

Piero, well played. A star is born.

15 October 2011 18:04

jasonbstanding wrote:

The thing I'd be concerned about using the stemless version would be warming the juice up too much with my hand whilst holding it.

If only there were some way of making whisky vapours visible, so we could see what difference the glass is making to their movement!

05 October 2011 20:45

Pudge72 wrote:

Any word on a winner for the contest?

06 July 2011 14:57

Crys wrote:

I'm also a bit skeptical but I can see how a bigger glass like this could be better. You still have the bulbous shape of your standard tulip shaped glass, but its larger volume allows it to breath more, yet you still get the same/similar size circumference opening of a tulip tasting glass to concentrate aromas. Without actually using this glass I suspect the nosing would be a more subtle experience, forcing you to nose further away and letting the whisky breathe more.

And maybe by taking away some of that intensity, nosing cask strength whiskies or heavily peated could be done much easier without having to add as much water? Although for lighter whiskies it might not be as good.

Personally I've always been happy with the Glencairn glass or a wine tasting/blenders glass. But it would definitely be interesting to compare them myself.

13 June 2011 13:31

Piero wrote:

@Peatpete I haven't done a direct comparison with a lid on a "standard' glass but to be honest I never use lids anyway - I prefer to use the palm of my hand. I didn't feel the need to that with these glasses.

12 June 2011 09:24

Peatpete wrote:

Good job, very watchable, thanks! The stemless glass in particular is very attractive, once you get passed the size of it. A single measure or half measure would look lost in there! Do you think the shape of the glasses makes having a lid for them redundant?

09 June 2011 09:13

Gav wrote:

Well, after seeing the whole Video, I was amazed how you put the whole sceptisisim aside! I did honestly think... WHAT THE HELL! The size is as big as a Red Wine glass! But you are probably right in saying, when it's volume inside is greater, you will achieve more aromas!

Nice Vid, and I hope to see more in the near future! Slanj.

05 June 2011 15:18

jdcook wrote:

Brilliant! Well done. Very jealous over here!

04 June 2011 00:20

markjedi1 wrote:

Piero, I didn't realize you had it in you, but damn - you should have your own show! Wait... You do! On Connosr Distilled. Well done, sir.

03 June 2011 20:11

Piero wrote:

@NoElf we didn't have any samples of the other sizes to test so we can only comment on the two glasses in the video. If they send any more samples I'll let you know.

03 June 2011 07:47

NoElf wrote:

I notice that they sell the single malt glass in 100mm and 116mm form.. any difference?

03 June 2011 04:35

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