Gary wrote:

Excellent video. It'll be interesting to see how this develops in the next few years.

21 June 2011 09:11

markjedi1 wrote:

Oh, and lest we forget: the music is brilliant! Care to let us in on your secret? Where does it come from? Who is the performer. I love it, goes very well with the imagery.

15 June 2011 13:56

markjedi1 wrote:

Very informative (and again, very well-made)! I agree with David. Two and two does not make five! :)

15 June 2011 13:38

monty wrote:

A very enjoyable video, well done!

14 June 2011 17:54

phoenix wrote:

Really nice vid, throughly enjoyed watching it. These guys come over as down to earth and well grounded without some of the snobbery that can be associated with other distilleries. I wish them very good luck and hope we see their whiskies around for many decades. I personally own Chapters 5, 6, 7 (3), 8, 10, the Founders Reserve and the commemorative wedding decanter and plan to fill the gaps in my collection. I've tried the 6 so far and plan to open a 7 this weekend. I'm impressed! There is no doubt that the 6 is a young whisky, but it noses and drinks more like at 8 yo. I think these whiskies are going to become classics.

I'd also like to commend the staff at St.George's, who to a person they are friendly, helpful and knowledgable. It's a great team and as soon as I get a chance i'm going to drive to Norfolk and have a look around with them.

Once again, good luck guys.

13 June 2011 11:40

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