Best Single Malt for under $40? $60?

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Original post: Best Single Malt for under $40? $60?

Wodha wrote:

What would you say is the best full-size bottle of Single Malt for under $40? And for under $60?

7th Feb 2011 20:45 @reply Wodha

Replies (24)

WhiskyNotes wrote:

Sorry but that would be a difficult question, not all of us live in the US, and even among European countries there are huge price differences. Also, what style do you like?

My personal favourites in the lowest price segment are Glenfarclas 105, Glenlivet French Oak reserve, Glenmorangie Nectar d'Or, Highland Park 12, Laphroaig 10 CS, Lagavulin 16.

Under $40 I think you're better of with bourbon, certainly if you are in the US.

7th Feb 2011 21:09 @reply WhiskyNotes

lucadanna1985 wrote:

well said in Sicily I can buy Laphroaig qk for 33 euro, Caol Ila for 36 and even Ardbeg 10 for 39, but I've heard of monstruos prices in other european countries...

7th Feb 2011 21:15 @reply lucadanna1985

Ardbeg 10 , Laphroaig 10 , Lagavulin 16 , Gragammore 12

8th Feb 2011 02:31 @reply airedeldesierto

malthound wrote:

Here in Canada, There is no such thing as single malt scotch whisky for under $40. As for my favourite under $60..... Laphroaig Quarter Cask or HP 12

8th Feb 2011 02:46 @reply malthound

AboutChoice wrote:

I have seen quite a few single malts for under $43 or so in the States, and of these, the ones I very much enjoy are Macallan 12, Ledaig 10, Ardbeg 10, Bruichladdich Rocks, Jura Superstition, Highland Park 12, Glenmorangie Original and Glenmorangie LaSanta. That ought to cover whatever suits your taste :)

8th Feb 2011 03:25 @reply AboutChoice

HP12 wrote:

@AboutChoice at those prices, you must live in a state with open competition. I miss the days of living in Illinois where I could get any kind of booze at either a liquor store or a grocery store. Here in Virginia,it's all state run liquor stores with no competition. Independent operators and grocery stores can sell beer or wine but not spirits. So in these parts the $50-$60 range will get your bottles listed into our cabinet...although HP12 is generally a good buy at $45. Whew.

8th Feb 2011 03:34 @reply HP12

Victor wrote:

@HP12, HP12 currently $ 36.99 in Montgomery County, Md.

8th Feb 2011 04:10 @reply Victor

HP12 wrote:

@Victor Thx time I'm passing thru MD I'll have to do some shopping. Any idea how much Lagavulin 16 is in MD? $95 here in VA.

8th Feb 2011 04:43 @reply HP12

Victor wrote:

@HP12 , Lagavulin 16 regular price is about $ 63 plus tax. The HP 12 price is a sale through March 1st. Regular price is usually about 15% more. These prices are Montgomery County only, which runs its own county liquor system with 24 stores with the same supply system. Prices in Baltimore are a little higher, but still better than in Virginia.

8th Feb 2011 04:54 @reply Victor

HP12 wrote:

@Victor Amazing price diff on the Laga16. Thx for the recon Victor!

8th Feb 2011 05:13 @reply HP12

smokinbarrels wrote:

Here in Seattle Washington we have state controlled liquor stores as well. It looks like Wodha is a fellow Seattleite so these prices would be applicable.

Top 10 Single Malts under 60 (after tax).

$58 - Caol Ila 12 Year

$50 - Glenmorangie "The Quinta Ruban" 12 Year

$50 - Highland Park 12 Year

$50 - Ardbeg 10 Year

$45 - Glen Grant 10 Year

$50 - Laphroaig "Quarter Cask"

$56 - The Balvenie "DoubleWood" 12 Year

$48 - The Macallan 12 Year

$47 - Glenfiddich "Solera" 15 Year

$39 – Bowmore 12 Year

For reference here are a few conversions:

40.00 USD = 29.3986 EUR 60.00 USD = 44.0986 EUR

40.00 USD = 24.7842 GBP 60.00 USD = 37.1736 GBP

60.00 USD = 59.4220 CAD 40.00 USD = 39.6151 CAD

60.00 USD = 59.2000 AUD 40.00 USD = 39.4666 AUD

8th Feb 2011 05:41 @reply smokinbarrels

Arthurhs wrote:

Also, for those in the MD-VA-DC area, the MoCo stores has some of my favorites on sale right now -- the Ardbeg 10 @ $40, the Ardbeg Uigeadail @ $55 and the Beist @ $64.

8th Feb 2011 06:24 @reply Arthurhs

Victor wrote:

@Arthurhs, yup, just got my Beist during this sale. Interestingly, MoCo has an online posting of its monthly sales, but the Ardbeg is left off of the list this month. @Arthurhs, I grew up across the street from BCC high school.

8th Feb 2011 13:46 @reply Victor

JeffC wrote:

I found Ardbeg 10 year old and Highland Park 12 for under $40 in some stores in Washington DC.

As to those in the Virginia/Maryland/DC area I would add to the comments that the Virginia ABC stores are nearly always more expensive than Montgomery County Maryland and some of the better stores in DC. When the Montgomery County or DC stores have sales, the prices are usually 30 to 50% less compared to the Virginia ABC stores on Scotch, with a little less price difference on American whiskeys.

As to the legality of bringing in alcohol from out of state, limited amounts are permitted under Virginia Code 4.1-310(E), search for it and read it yourself. Oddly Maryland has very strict controls for importing wine, the Washington Post has had a series of articles about it on Monday and Tuesday February 7 and 8, 2011.

If anybody in Virginia wants to send an irate letter to their representatives, send me a PM with your email and I can forward you what I sent.

8th Feb 2011 14:10 @reply JeffC

Wyoming is a 'control state,' but it's not bad. Retailers buy from the state, but set their own retail prices. The state warehouse carries 24 single malt Scotch whiskys, but the state will special order anything the importers will allocate to the state (that's a whole other issue).

Here are my picks:

Around $40: Strathisla 12, Old Pulteney 12, Laphroaig Quarter Cask

Between $40 and $60: l-o-n-g list, but here are the toppers: Ardbeg 10, BenRiach 10 'Curiositas', Kilkerran 'Work in Progress', Bunnahabhain 12, GlenDronach 12

8th Feb 2011 15:13 @reply two-bit cowboy

HP12 wrote:

@JeffC Thx JeffC. Looks like I can shop within reason in MD without having to look over my shoulder as if I were buying a 6-pack and colluding with under aged absconders. Thx again for the reference.

8th Feb 2011 17:54 @reply HP12

HP12 wrote:

Here's the current inventory / price list for Scotch at Virginia ABC stores --->

8th Feb 2011 18:00 @reply HP12

smokinbarrels wrote:

I just came across a series of posts on Whisky Party titled 40 Whiskies Under $40, and thought it would be of interest...

10th Feb 2011 03:32 @reply smokinbarrels

A.J. wrote:

That's a good question. Bowmore 12 is one of my everyday drinkers at $46, Highland Park 12, runs at$ 59.95 but with 12% tax that pushes it to over 60. Auchentoshen 10, is $46, Abelour12 double cask is a good deal at $45 . Up here in Canada we get hammered with tax, so the price you see does not really resemble reality. We have 115 different single malts to choose from. I usually look at what is available on the provincial Liquor Commission website , then check out the reviews that you kind folks have written to summarize the product, and then I decide from there. Occasionally there will be input from lilyrose – if she’s buying that is. Even then it may not be available locally, so I either have to order it in which could take a week, or drive an hour and a half to get it (one way) . Even then not all branches have all brands so you have to phone around . I am just happy to have the varieties that we do locally . Another option is to call lillyrose and have her hunt it down in the city, then she drives out here to my neck of the woods,and we enjoy it. My most favorite drams usually sell for more that $60 (sometimes a LOT more than $60). There’s not a heck of a lot to choose from for under $60. If it seems a little confusing that is because it can certainly get to be that way when you really take your scotch drinking seriously . I guess the best way to see what is available,and the price we pay is to check out our provincial web site . Here is the link , you will kinda see what I mean after a glance at it .Oh yeah add 12% to list price. cut and paste this mess , hope it works out for ya . cheers.

16th Feb 2011 22:13 @reply A.J.

HP12 wrote:

@A.J. Ouch. You might want to take your chances thru this online company in Scotland. Read their shipping policy...about 75% of their bottles get thru when shipped to Canada.

16th Feb 2011 23:09 @reply HP12

ScotchNoob wrote:

Here in California, prices are pretty reasonable. I'd say that under $40 you'd best off with Laphroaig 10 (peated), Auchentoshan Classic (gentle lowlander), Balvenie DoubleWood (sherried), and Glenlivet 12 (for the real cheapo). I can usually find GL 12 for around $21 here.

17th Feb 2011 21:48 @reply ScotchNoob

Pudge72 wrote:

@A.J. The prices through the LCBO in Ontario seem very similar to what Manitoba has, with the big difference being that the list price includes the HST that is usually added at a cash register for in Ontario, what you see is what you pay. That said here is all of the SMW you can get in a full size bottle (usually 750mL) for under $40...

  • The McClelland Islay and Speyside bottles for $32 each.
  • Glen Parker (anyone heard anything about this one?) for $37.
  • Glendower 8 y.o. @ $35.
  • Isle of Arran Robert Burns @ $40.

That is it.

Under $60 the full list is (in order of price starting at $45) of widely available single malts is...

  • Aberlour 10, Auchentoshan 12, Bowmore 12, Glenfiddich 12, Glenlivet 12, Singleton of Glendullan, Dun Bheagan Islay 8, Glengoyne 10, Aberlour 12, Strathisla 12 (now discontinued in LCBO...but still available), Jura Superstition, Caol Ila 12, GlenDronach 12, Glengoyne 12, Glenfarclas 12, Highland Park 12, Glenrothes Select Reserve.
27th Mar 2011 16:14 @reply Pudge72

A.J. wrote:

@Pudge72 , You obviously know of which I write , here in Canada they get us with all sorts of sin Taxes . Alcohol, tobacco , gasoline , are all taxed to the hilt , but alas here we live , it's not all that bad , just hard to really appreciate a good single malt as much as we like to . doesn'tmatter where you go in the province the prices are all the same , not sure if that is good or bad . Can't really speak for the far north though as I have only been a few times and didn't really pay attention to the prices there . Thanks for letting me know that things seem to be on par in Ontario , good to know. as for the Glen parker I found a thread that has been going for 10 years on Whisky magazine site . they doesn't paint a very good picture of this product . definately check it out you will get a laugh out of it . the last post is from a consumer in Ontario who plans on returning the remainder of his bottle . The word vile keeps reoccuring , so that may give you and idea of what others seem to think of it . click on link ...

28th Mar 2011 20:13 @reply A.J.

Pudge72 wrote:

@A.J. I just checked out that discussion thread about Glen, some colourful commentary! The one that stood out had to be this one:

"Glen Parker is to the Malt Whisky industry what horse shit is to rhubarb. It is not a proper Malt by any stretch of the imagination and presumably is bought by unsuspecting drunk wanderers of late night shopping at airport duty frees. Even the label makes one suspicious and the taste confirms your worst fears. It should be banned or a label added stating clearly it is an insult to good malt or even blended whisky and is not fit as either a) toilet cleanser or b) de-icer in Russia where a good one (vodka) can be licked off the windscreen by passing alkies, I kid you not. Any self respecting alkie would give Glen Parker de-icer a miss!"

I wonder how the poster of this comment would compare Glen Parker to Loch Dhu?!

My sense (and maybe jdcook or other Australian Connosr's can chime in) is that Australia probably edges out BC/Manitoba/Ontario/Quebec as the most expensive jurisdiction in the world from which to buy next purchase will likely be the outgoing (from the LCBO) Strathisla 12. Cheers (hopefully) to good value!

30th Mar 2011 01:25 @reply Pudge72

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