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Original post: Favorite Whisky Related Books

ganagati wrote:

To further my knowledge of this spectacular drink, I'd like to learn a bit of history about the distilleries themselves. Does anyone have a recommendation for a good whisky book?

Thanks, Andrew

25th Jul 2011 04:49 @reply ganagati

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markjedi1 wrote:

You may wish to check this page on Connosr : http://www.connosr.com/wall/category/whisky-resources-books-blogs-etc/.

25th Jul 2011 06:52 @reply markjedi1


Hey Andrew. I've looked at the thread markjedi1 linked to and agree there are great suggestions offered, several of which I refer to at some point during the year. My take on books to, as you put it, "... learn a bit of history about the distilleries themselves," is to read the "microscope" books offered about one distillery -- often produced by the distillery so some folks skeptically view them as marketing hype.

Here are three I've truly enjoyed:

Jura -- Taste Island Life (published by the Isle of Jura distillery)

The Legend of Laphroaig by Marcel van Gils and Hans Offringa (for the distillery)

Whisky Dream -- Waking a Giant by Stuart Rivans (about Bruichladdich)

Another precious book about Scotland's whisky is:

Bottled History by Ian Macilwain (it's Ian's b&w photos of distilleries with some stories of those distilleries' long-time employees -- simply wonderful)

25th Jul 2011 16:21 @reply two-bit cowboy

JoeVelo wrote:

MIchael Jackson's Whiskey is a great book to begin with. A lot of infos on the making of whiskey and the different distilleries around the world. I have just received Dave Broom's World Atlas of Whisky and it seems to be a hitter too. Dominic Roskrow's 750 essential drams from Tennessee to Tokyo is also a great book for tasting notes.

26th Jul 2011 12:24 @reply JoeVelo

MacBaker62 wrote:

I'd recommend the following reference books:

Michael Jackson's "Complete Guide to Single Malt Scotch"

Charles MacLean's "Whiskypedia"

Dave Bloom's tome, "The World Atlas of Whisky"

Ian Buxton's fun and informative "101 Whiskies" to Try Before You Die"

and lastly, the classic "must read" for any whisky buff, Aeneas MacDonald's "Whisky"

6th Aug 2011 10:22 @reply MacBaker62

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