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Original post: Value whisky

darktrader wrote:

What whiskies would this esteemed network suggest for the best quality/price ratio?

For me, Johnnie Walker Gold indisputably provides better value than Blue. Also, my everyday dram is Evan Williams Black whilst no luck on an every day pleated scotch...

That's just me to frame the discussion, love to hear your thoughts! Slainte'!

6th Nov 2011 03:15 @reply darktrader

Replies (showing 61-73 of 73)

DevD wrote:

@DevD , I mean Speyburn 10

12th Jan 2012 07:05 @reply DevD

Mantisking wrote:

@Marcus Black Bottle is an Islay blend, well, except for the grain alcohol portion. All the malt in it comes from Islay.

12th Jan 2012 12:19 @reply Mantisking

chuck51 wrote:

@DevD Wow, I'd be all over that. The Speyburn 10 is way too drinkable.

13th Jan 2012 20:27 @reply chuck51

Marcus wrote:

The grocery store where I buy my liquor has a better Scotch selection than the major local liquor store. They recently had both Laphroaig 10 for $39.00 per bottle and Ardbeg 10 for $43.00 per bottle. Definitely quite reasonable.

14th Jan 2012 19:09 @reply Marcus

moy71 wrote:

@A'bunadhman ... $48.98? whereabouts is this? my local danmurphys pricing nevel goes below $50

19th Jan 2012 23:02 @reply moy71

A'bunadhman wrote:

@moy71 : Dan Murphy's Middle Park. It has gone back up after Xmas They had many Whiskies at discounted prices and a lot of them have not reappeared. A'bunadh was down from Au.$103.00 to $94.00 plus a host of others. The staff say the prices are in part tied to the exchange rate.

At the moment Dan Murphy has Aberlour 10yo. for $53.95 but the shelf is empty; my local independant has it for $49.99. Good value either way!

19th Jan 2012 23:42 @reply A'bunadhman

Pudge72 wrote:

@two-bit-cowboy...I have also enjoyed the Deanston VO and consider it to be one of the best values in Ontario. A very interesting bottling.

20th Jan 2012 00:41 @reply Pudge72

Pudge72 wrote:

@Pudge72 ...alas, the Deanston is currently completely gone from LCBO listings. :( Hopefully it will come back (along with Ardmore Traditional Cask and Glenfarclas 15...a great 'high quality/decent price' value whisky for a slightly older bottling). Bookers Small Batch Bourbon is also a very high quality/decent price bottle.

20th Feb 2012 21:18 @reply Pudge72

maltymatt wrote:

Aberlour abunadh,glenmorangie nectar dor,highland park 12 and auchentoshan 12 !

21st Feb 2012 01:51 @reply maltymatt

talexander wrote:

@Pudge72, I was lucky enough to grab a bottle of Deanston's Virgin Oak some time ago, and have quite enjoyed it - and can attest to the value (I believe it was around $40CDN or perhaps less). But if I really had to give a top mark to price/quality ratio, it would have to be Ballantine's 17 Years Old. Though it is somewhere between $80-90CDN at LCBO, it is widely available and is one of the greatest whiskies I have ever had, making it more than worth the price.

21st Feb 2012 02:50 @reply talexander

Pudge72 wrote:

@talexander...My Deanston VO experience comes from having shared several drams from a bottle of it that was bought by @WhiskyJoe, when he was looking for something different to purchase for our December tasting with @Victor (and others, of course) in Toronto. The use of new casks in a Scotch whisky piqued our curiousity.

21st Feb 2012 03:12 @reply Pudge72

I think Teacher's Highland Cream is a very nice blended Scotch for about $17 a bottle. This is my everyday whisky. I think it is better than a lot of single malts that are about twice as expensive. I would drink this over say Glenlivet 12 and Glenfiddich 12 any day. In fact the only reason I still have Glenlivet 12 in my cabinet is because my girlfriend gave me a bottle for Christmas, God bless her. I am speaking as someone who earns a salary that prohibits considering a $50ish bottle of whisky in the "value" range. Well OK, of course the greatest value ever is Ardbeg Uigeadail. I mean they're selling Nirvana for $75. Now that's value!

21st Feb 2012 06:03 @reply ryanthesculptor

A'bunadhman wrote:

@ryanthesculptor...Ardbeg Uigeadail. I mean they're selling Nirvana for $75. Now that's value!

+1. What a delightful 'turn of phrase'.

21st Feb 2012 07:43 @reply A'bunadhman

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