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  • 9 Year Old WIP #5 - As Linda Blair said, "In Time . . "

    By Cunundrum on 4th Aug 20152015-08-04T06:23:00


    When I saw Serge V's review of this little beastie, I went out and snagged a bottle. Still have some left. Boy, was I disappointed upon first opening the bottle. But after some time went by (as in the… read more

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  • Peat Reek - Ackbladder Reat Peek

    By Cunundrum on 2nd Aug 20152015-08-02T21:14:00


    This one is a raw cask hogshead from March 2014. No fake color, no chill filtration, nuthin. Bottle 46 of 90. Nose: . Mouth: Tequila, plastic (in a good way), more white pepper, oak, goldenseal, pan-… read more

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  • Danica Peated Single Malt Whisky - Danish Smokies

    By markjedi1 on 2nd Aug 20152015-08-02T08:41:00


    For their peated whisky, Braunstein gets its malt from the Port Ellen maltings on Islay. The malt is peated to 60ppm, half of which end up in the glass – after distillation and maturation - according to… read more

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  • Danica Single Malt Whisky - Danish Dessert

    By markjedi1 on 2nd Aug 20152015-08-02T08:40:00


    Braunstein has two ranges of single malt: the Library Collection has a yearly peated and unpeated release, numbered quite simple. 15:1 for example is the first release of 2015. The second range is the … read more

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  • 10 YO Single Grain Whisky - This sucks

    By Nozinan on 27th Jul 20152015-07-27T02:24:00


    I first tasted this Jan 12 2014. I know this because i posted a comment to @victor’s review of this whisky (found here) http://www.connosr.com/reviews/radermacher-belgium/lambertus-10-yo-grain-whisky… read more

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