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  • Suntory Old Blended Whisky - A good, old-fashioned blend

    By Pierre_W on 30th Aug 20142014-08-30T09:29:00


    Suntory ‘Old’ is a blend produced by Suntory, a major Japanese brewing and distilling company group. Production was first announced in 1940 but sales were then postponed due to war, and as a consequence… read more

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  • Pike Creek 10 yo double barreled - Canadian of the year!

    By Robert99 on 27th Aug 20142014-08-27T02:16:00


    Yes, this Pike Ceek just received the best Canadian whisky award at the world's whiskies award. My queston: Is it deserved? Even if I'm Canadian myself, I am not a fan of Canadian whiskies. But I find… read more

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  • White Owl Whisky - A good white whisky...

    By JasonHambrey on 26th Aug 20142014-08-26T21:51:00


    I just said in the title it was a good white whisky - this does not, of course, mean that it's a good sipping whisky. But I'd have this over new makes/white dogs any day. I debated long and hard before… read more

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  • Black & White - 12 Minis! - Part I

    By talexander on 25th Aug 20142014-08-25T04:27:00


    Some weeks ago I participated in the monthly online auction Scotch Whisky Auctions (based in Glasgow) and won (among other things) twelve minis. Thankfully my good friend Rick Culver was in Glasgow sh… read more

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  • Storm - Stormy Blended Malt

    By talexander on 25th Aug 20142014-08-25T02:59:00


    Well, here's something new on the LCBO shelf - something from the "Whisky Shack Company" called Storm (not to be confused with Talisker Storm). This one is a blended malt scotch from Lombard Brands (who… read more

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