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  • Floki 1st Impression - Icelandic Gold?

    By Pandemonium on 29th Aug 20162016-08-29T13:38:00


    Iceland, like Scotland a place of uncanny natural beauty, but with far less liquid sunshine to accompany you on the long hiking trails or cold nights in the tent. The reason why is obvious: no familiar… read more

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  • 7 yo 2008 Port Cask bottled by MMM - A worthy cask to ramble about

    By Robert99 on 28th Aug 20162016-08-28T22:17:00


    Markjedi1 send me multiple samples after I send him one myself, believe me he was very generous. When time came to pick one for reviewing, I couldn't pass on the opportunity to review one that haven't … read more

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  • Kilkerran 12 Years - Well Worth The Wait

    By MaltActivist on 28th Aug 20162016-08-28T12:09:00


    About five years ago at my clubs' monthly mystery tasting I decided to take with me a relatively unknown whisky. Well, unknown to most of us, that is. It was something I picked up on a whim without r… read more

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  • Willett Family Estate Single Barrel Bourbon 6 Year old - Stellar stuff!

    By Pierre_W on 26th Aug 20162016-08-26T23:43:00


    The first Willett distillery was established in Bardstown/Kentucky in 1936 by the Willett Distilling Company that was owned by the Willett family who had been based in Bardstown since the end of the 18th… read more

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  • Clydebank 1886-1996 Special Reserve Blended Scotch Whisky - Ignorance is Bliss

    By markjedi1 on 25th Aug 20162016-08-25T07:13:00


    To celebrate 100 years of industry on the Clydebank, Morrison Distillers released a stone crock with 12 years old Auchentoshan, but also this blend with no age statement. I think it is a safe bet to a… read more

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