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  • Schenley Reserve 43% (1970s) - Old Blended Whiskey Relic

    By Victor on 22nd Dec 20142014-12-22T03:37:00


    This review is of a mini with a sealed US tax stamp of a type which was discontinued in 1977. Schenley Reserve was apparently distilled in the US at Lawrenceburg, Indiana, and is a "blended whiskey", … read more

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  • Paul John Brilliance - Another Solid Indian

    By MaltActivist on 21st Dec 20142014-12-21T07:58:00


    Paul John are the newest players to come out of India with some solid single malt offerings (after Amrut of course!). They've been in the industry longer than that, though. Since 1992 they have been p… read more

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  • Distillers's Reserve - Hakushu distiller's reserve

    By cloudscraper on 20th Dec 20142014-12-20T23:39:00


    A very good light flavoured whisky but a bit coarse - it definitely needs some water to bring out the depth of flavours present, nevertheless the finish is brilliant. This example does not seem to have… read more

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  • Golden Wedding - Big In Newfoundland

    By talexander on 16th Dec 20142014-12-16T02:49:00


    Why not do another Canadian review? I picked up this bottle when I went to the St. John's International Women's Film Festival. It turns out that Schenley Golden Wedding (a brand which has existed since… read more

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  • Caol Ila 15 year old - Water for Cream

    By TheConscience on 15th Dec 20142014-12-15T22:00:00


    A review of Weymss Malts "Cream of Islay" Caol Ila 15 year old single cask (390 bottles from a hogshead). I'm not sure to what they were referring when they named it "Cream of Islay". Could it be that the… read more

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