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  • Akashi 14 Year old - Challenging but finally rewarding

    By Pierre_W on 24th Jan 20152015-01-24T09:18:00


    Akashi whisky is produced at the White Oak distillery that is located in Akashi, close to the city of Kobe in Japan. The distillery was founded by Eigashima Shuzo in 1888 with the aim to produce sake and… read more

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  • Danfield's Limited Edition 21 Year Old - Really nice blend

    By JasonHambrey on 17th Jan 20152015-01-17T20:00:00


    This whisky is produced out at the Black Velvet Distillery in Lethbridge, Alberta. I think it is a fabulous whisky, and shows off some brilliant blending. Also perhaps the best bargain in Canadian Whisky… read more

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  • 7 Year Old, Exquisite Whiskey - Funky, evolving, and delicious

    By numen on 17th Jan 20152015-01-17T17:26:00


    This was from a relatively quickly consumed 1/2 bottle Nose: This moves all over the place. A soft woody bourbon quality mixed with tobacco, tar, metholated grape juice, and a drop of anise. Rich fruit,… read more

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  • Ireland 23 Year Old 1991 - Fresh Fruitiness

    By markjedi1 on 16th Jan 20152015-01-16T06:29:00


    This peated Irish malt from The Nectar was one of the highlights of the Spirits in the Sky festival if the blog posts that appeared left and right are to be believed. Peated stock usually means Cooley (or… read more

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  • Ireland 21 Year Old 1993 - Caribbean

    By markjedi1 on 16th Jan 20152015-01-16T06:28:00


    At the booth of The Nectar at the Spirits in the Sky Festival two new Irish expression were shouting out to be tried. Unfortunately my palate was already tired, but luckily I brought enough sample vials… read more

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