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  • Brora 1981 / 18 Year Old / Sherry Cask - Lots to say abt a little gem.. :)

    By TrailingTheMalt on 17th Apr 20142014-04-17T23:29:00


    A distillery that has been shut for over 30 years now.. and yet has people willing to pay crazy sums of money to get their hands on just about any bottle that is floating around in the market... defin… read more

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  • Centennial - Malt Whiskey Flavored with Hops

    By Onibubba on 17th Apr 20142014-04-17T03:56:00


    Several months ago, I visited my old college stomping grounds of Bowling Green Kentucky. I came back to take a tour of something that did not exist there (legally anyway)when I attended school - a di… read more

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  • oldest - where to sell whisky ?

    By ljm1975 on 15th Apr 20142014-04-15T15:26:00


    does anyone know where i can sell a new sealed bottle of johnie walker oldest 75cl - 43%

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  • Mars 1992/2004 12 Year old - Fruity and spicy

    By Pierre_W on 13th Apr 20142014-04-13T19:50:00


    Mars whisky is produced at the Shinshu Mars distillery located at 798 meters above sea level in Miyata village in the Japanese prefecture of Nagano. It was built in 1985 by its parent, Hombo Shuzo (“Hombo… read more

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  • Brenne Estate Cask Single Malt - Limousin Et Cognac

    By Victor on 11th Apr 20142014-04-11T00:38:00


    The Brenne single malt whisky brand is owned by Allison Patel, a New York City based American who is an international traveler, businesswoman, and whisky blogger. Brenne whisky is produced by Ms. Patel… read more

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