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  • Breizh Blended - Nozinan Mini and Sample Series - 19

    By Nozinan on 16th Jul 20162016-07-16T03:25:00


    In solidarity with the people of France in this difficult time, I chose a French whisky to review. Breizh is a product of the Warenghem distillery in Breton which also produces Armorik. It is composed… read more

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  • RoughStock Black Label 2009 - Cowboys

    By markjedi1 on 12th Jul 20162016-07-12T06:40:00


    RoughStock is distilled in Bozeman, Montana. It is one of many craft distilleries that have sprouted up in recent years. They make their whiskey in a column still. It is the first distillery in Montana… read more

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  • New York 77 Wheat Whiskey - BBBB

    By markjedi1 on 12th Jul 20162016-07-12T06:34:00


    I picked up this bottle during my Christmas Holidays in New York (and paid way too much for it, it would seem). A local product, because the distillery can be found in Brooklyn (which is derived from … read more

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  • New Make Spirit - Butter

    By markjedi1 on 12th Jul 20162016-07-12T06:31:00


    In the States, they call this White Dog: unmatured spirit. This American is double distilled from 80% wheat from Washington Island and 20% malted barley from Chilton in Wisconsin. Now, I say unmatured. … read more

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  • The Ileach Peaty Islay CS Single Malt - Peat, Peat and more Peat!

    By Nozinan on 11th Jul 20162016-07-11T03:52:00


    When independents put out a single malt without disclosing the distillery, the online reviewers jump over themselves to figure the identity of the distillery. In this case there have been suggestions … read more

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