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  • Spey Cascade - The Singleton Spey Cascade

    By WrathChild on 27th May 20152015-05-27T01:58:00


    Very enticing, deep in colour and suggestive. Nose: Orchard fruit, barley, brown sugar. Body: Rich, smooth but not too heavy or intoxicating. Palate: Sweet, sugar, marmalade, orange but short lived and… read more

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  • Suntory Red - Mothra's asparagus urine

    By Frost on 26th May 20152015-05-26T12:28:00


    This is meant to be drank mizuwari. Don't delude yourself for one moment and think that 180ml for ¥300 is anything but a mixer. Nose: sacharine Taste: caramel, grain Finish: Short with the same taste… read more

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  • White Oak Akashi Blended Whisky - Domestic violence

    By Frost on 26th May 20152015-05-26T12:00:00


    This review is for the domestic Japanese bottling of the blend, which is something that has proven to be rather controversial. But more on that soon. The distillery was founded by in 1888 for the pro… read more

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  • Fuji Gotemba Tarujyuku 50° - Caramel popcorn

    By Frost on 26th May 20152015-05-26T11:28:00


    Kirin – mythological creature and beverage company in Japan. You've tried Nikka and Suntory, so why not try a blended whisky by the other beverage giant all at a bargain ¥880 for a 600ml bottle. Let me… read more

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  • The Knot 100 Proof - Irish Gordian

    By PMessinger on 24th May 20152015-05-24T02:59:00


    Syrupy sweet fast arrival caramel, honey, butterscotch loaded middle grainy citrus vegetable rapid finish.

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