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  • Images of Dufftown 'St Michael's Episcopal Church' - Sweet Wood Glue

    By markjedi1 on 16th Apr 20152015-04-16T06:46:00


    This is already the fourth Images of Dufftown bottled by Malts of Scotland. Traditionally it is bottled at an ABV of 53,2%. There are quite a few distilleries in Dufftown, so this might be a Dufftown, but… read more

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  • Small Batch #4 - I have found the promised land

    By newreverie on 13th Apr 20152015-04-13T22:28:00


    When I saw this bottle on the shelf of some wayward liquor store marked down to $30, I thought, why not? I could use another Canadian whisky in my collection that isn't made by Crown Royal. I'd never… read more

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  • Leviathan III - The worst whisky in the world

    By OlJas on 12th Apr 20152015-04-12T03:56:00


    Artisan, hand-made, single cask, uncolored, unfiltered, heavily peated, unique flavors—the Leviathan III has everything right. And yet, it's so, so, wrong. The first pour destroyed me. I could only h… read more

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  • Kilkerran Work in Progress I - A promising start

    By Pierre_W on 11th Apr 20152015-04-11T10:28:00


    Glengyle distillery was founded in 1872 by William Mitchell. Mitchell had previously been involved with Springbank Distillery but following a quarrel with his brother John, with whom he owned Springbank,… read more

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  • Teeling Single Grain - A Rich Cabernet Finish

    By Victor on 3rd Apr 20152015-04-03T21:32:00


    Teeling Single Grain Whiskey is 5 yo, and has been finished in American Cabernet Sauvignon Wine Casks. The reviewed bottle has bottle code L14 010 305, and has been open for 13 days Nose: a beautiful… read more

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