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  • Lot no 40 - Canadian rye??? OMG!!!

    By Robert99 on 28th Sep 20142014-09-28T22:48:00


    When I first taste Old Potrero 18th Century style, my reaction was why Canadian rye have always the same profile, why Canadian rye can be that good?!!! Well, now I can say Canadian Rye can be that good… read more

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  • Liddesdale (Bunnahabhain) 21 Year Old - Adelphi's Bunnahabhain

    By Fiberfar on 28th Sep 20142014-09-28T20:21:00


    This review is of the 6th batch of Liddesdales. If I'm not mistaken, it took Adelphi a few batches before they began writing who the distiller is. It is a non-chill-filtered and natural coloured bottling… read more

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  • Stranahan's - A very good one way whisky

    By Robert99 on 28th Sep 20142014-09-28T06:38:00


    This is my first review of a bottle that has been opened for a year. It is now half empty and the batch number is 96. It has been distilled the 10/10/10 (no jokes). The nose is very sweet with a lot of… read more

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  • Defiant Single Malt - Defiant Spirit

    By Victor on 27th Sep 20142014-09-27T23:20:00


    Defiant Single Malt Whisky is the product of the Blue Ridge Distilling Company, located in Bostic, North Carolina. The people distilling this whisky are ocean salvage divers by prior and on-going prof… read more

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  • French Oak Cask 537 - A Lot of Batch Variance

    By MaltActivist on 19th Sep 20142014-09-19T10:15:00


    I read about Sullivan Cove's award winning single cask whisky only quite recently after it won some of the top accolades at the World Whisky Awards this year. I don't really care much for awards, mind… read more

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