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  • vinterrök - Wonderful smoke

    By Jorgen on 24th Sep 20162016-09-24T20:40:00


    Mackmyra vinterrök, lovely smoke remind me about PC12. Finished off in casks which contain strong ale. Oaky oily with hints of herbs and a lovely smokiness.. ???? Could easily keep dramming away with this… read more

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  • Kilkerran 8 Year Old 2007 Barolo Wine Cask for The Nectar - Outstanding

    By markjedi1 on 22nd Sep 20162016-09-22T18:36:00


    I first tried this bottling for The Nectar at the Spirits in the Sky 2015 festival. I felt it was sublime. We are now more than 6 months later. High time to try this one again, from the sample that I … read more

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  • Kilkerran WIP VII Sherry - Motor oil

    By markjedi1 on 22nd Sep 20162016-09-22T18:35:00


    Obviously the Work in Progress 7 also exists in a sherry matured version. This was bottled at drinking strength and 12.000 bottles were released. It appeared in 2015, so the WIP8 (or finally a standard… read more

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  • Kilkerran WIP VII Bourbon - Slate

    By markjedi1 on 22nd Sep 20162016-09-22T18:33:00


    The series Work In Progress is about to finish, is it not? I think it is about time the Glengyle distillery reveals a standard bottling. But in the meantime we will have to work with this WIP 7, that … read more

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  • Old St. Andrews Miniature - Scotch in a Golf Ball?

    By talexander on 20th Sep 20162016-09-20T23:39:00


    Old St. Andrews is a scotch brand that bottles both blends and blended malts, with the novelty that the bottles are all shaped like golf balls. They also make the universally reviled Ron Burgundy's Great… read more

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