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  • Clydebank 1886-1996 Special Reserve Blended Scotch Whisky - Ignorance is Bliss

    By markjedi1 on 25th Aug 20162016-08-25T07:13:00


    To celebrate 100 years of industry on the Clydebank, Morrison Distillers released a stone crock with 12 years old Auchentoshan, but also this blend with no age statement. I think it is a safe bet to a… read more

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  • Blue Hanger 11th Release - Superglue

    By markjedi1 on 25th Aug 20162016-08-25T07:12:00


    Blue Hanger is a blended malt from Berry Bros & Rudd with an ironclad reputation (I can hardly believe I have never tried this before). It was named after William Hanger who, always dressed in blue, was… read more

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  • Yula 20 Year Old 1995 Blended Malt - Sweet vs Salt

    By markjedi1 on 25th Aug 20162016-08-25T07:10:00


    Let me stay with Douglas Laing for a moment to try their new blended malt. The Yula 20 Year Old is a blend of both Islay and Island malts. Yula is the name of a tragic Norse goddess who, with an apron … read more

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  • Scallywag Cask Strength - Sharp Sherry

    By markjedi1 on 25th Aug 20162016-08-25T07:09:00


    Do you remember the Scallywag from Douglas Laing? It now has a big brother: Scallywag Cask Strength. As far as I know, it is again Mortlach, Macallan and Glenrothes in the lead, although I heard through… read more

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  • Blended Malt 14 Year Old 2001 Kintra - Bitter and Sweet

    By markjedi1 on 25th Aug 20162016-08-25T07:08:00


    Erik Molenaar of Kintra – who is currently hard at work at building his own distillery in Holland – bottled this blended malt end of last year. The youngest in the mix is 14 years old, but it is said to… read more

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