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  • Tom Sims - Tom Sims - who are you?

    By sailorman on 22nd Jul 20142014-07-22T23:17:00


    Drinking whiskey is not only about nosing and tasting. Some brands have very curious or even mysterious background stories. Last week I ran into one of those strange fellows, a bottle of four-year-old … read more

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  • Silk Tassel - Silk Tassel Canadian Whisky

    By JasonHambrey on 22nd Jul 20142014-07-22T22:08:00


    This whisky is produced at Hiram Walker distillery, as part of Sazerac's portfolio. It is clearly designed for mixing, and includes an easy pourer in the bottle. Originally it was produced in Toronto, but… read more

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  • Single Minded Auchentoshan 12 - Leaving the nest early

    By tastydram on 18th Jul 20142014-07-18T11:08:00


    The Single Minded series from independent bottler Douglas Laing is a collection of small batch single malts. All bottled at 41.5% ABV and relatively young. Up till now a 7 year old Dailuaine, a 10 year… read more

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  • Outland Whisky - 'Outland' whisky, or something...

    By hunggar on 15th Jul 20142014-07-15T17:00:00


    This whisky, entitled Nomad, had its worldwide launch here in the Taiwanese market just weeks ago. It’s called an ‘outland’ whisky because it spent a final year of its maturation in Jerez, where it sat… read more

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  • OFC - Schenley OFC

    By JasonHambrey on 15th Jul 20142014-07-15T14:37:00


    Wonderfully bright and fruity on the nose, while holding some rye spiciness as well. On the palate, it's a bit syrupy and sweet (a little too sweet), with fruity rye and some warm spice and grassiness. A… read more

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