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  • 12 Year Old - 12 Minis! - Part IX

    By talexander on 20th Oct 20142014-10-20T23:42:00


    The Greenlees Brothers were two famous blenders who, in 1871, launched Grand Old Parr. But who, you may ask, is Parr? Well, they just stole the same from this guy named Thomas Parr (1483-1635). Those … read more

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  • Miltonduff 18 years - Miltonduff 18 years

    By Ghostfinish on 20th Oct 20142014-10-20T11:18:00


    Very soft scent , sweet but not overbearing . Flavors of vanilla, butter caramels and light apricot finishing taste , long and soft real Speyside

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  • 2 Gingers Irish Whiskey - Irish Whiskey Liqueur

    By Victor on 18th Oct 20142014-10-18T01:07:00


    2 Gingers Irish Whiskey is a brand owned by Beam Suntory. It was founded in 2011 by Minnesota bar owner Kieran Folliard. The two Gingers are Kieran's red-headed mother Mary and aunt Delia. 2 Gingers is… read more

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  • Banknote - Terrific bargain basement swill

    By rigmorole on 17th Oct 20142014-10-17T20:47:00


    Picked up a bottle for a party last weekend. My friends were drinking it on ice, but I added some soda water and a slice of lemon. It's pretty good for the average palate but I'm spoiled so I wasn't t… read more

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  • Bains Cape Mountain Whisky - Mild Chocolate Single Grain

    By MaltActivist on 16th Oct 20142014-10-16T17:05:00


    I like a little variety in my single malt diet so I'm always on the lookout for expressions that are off the beaten path. Recently I was invited to a friends' place for a World Whisky tasting which was… read more

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