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  • Writer's Tears Cask Strength 2012 - Fruit Cocktail

    By Nozinan on 28th May 20162016-05-28T05:02:00


    When Fine Drams was offering world-wide free shipping last July I went to their website and did some browsing. When I searched “Cask Strength” this one came up and, being very reasonably priced, I hit… read more

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  • The Teeling Whiskey Company Poitin - Irish In The Raw

    By talexander on 22nd May 20162016-05-22T21:51:00


    Poitin is a traditional Irish clear spirit that, when outlawed in 1661, meant that it was henceforth distilled illegally (and dangerously) by farmers, much like Kentucky moonshine. Although it was nor… read more

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  • Dawnery Red Special Reserve - Red dawn

    By Frost on 3rd May 20162016-05-03T11:41:00


    I’ve sample whiskies from Malaysia, Thailand and Indonesia. Today I present Dawnery Red Special Reserve, a whisky from Selangor, Malaysia. You know you are in for a treat with a label description that … read more

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  • Kempisch Vuur - Sweet and Sour

    By markjedi1 on 25th Apr 20162016-04-25T05:53:00


    A new Belgian whisky! A single cask that yielded only 300 bottles of 50cl. Once you realize that it was a quarter cask from Laphroaig (Pirlot from Zandhoven, Belgium was able to acquire 15 of those) you… read more

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  • Fuji-Gotemba 1973/1993 20 Year old - Smooth and easy to drink

    By Pierre_W on 24th Apr 20162016-04-24T07:54:00


    Fuji Gotemba distillery was established in 1973 as a joint venture between Kirin, Seagram and Chivas, before Kirin assumed full ownership in 2002. This pure malt dates from joint venture times as it was… read more

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