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  • Windsor Canadian Whisky - Fully Drinkable $8 Canadian Whisky

    By Victor on 1st Dec 20142014-12-01T19:15:00


    or.or Dusty Diving Onto the Bottom Shelf, or A Full Bottle for The Price of a Bar Drink On, to date, two sets of people have been interested in discussing Canadian whiskies: 1) Canadians, and… read more

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  • Windsor Canadian Whisky - OK, but still the worst ADL product

    By JasonHambrey on 1st Nov 20142014-11-01T17:38:00


    I wish I knew how this whisky got its name, particularly as it isn't produced in Windsor at all, but rather in Alberta courtesy of Alberta Distillers Limited (ADL). It is a three year old whisky and p… read more

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  • Distiller/brand: Windsor
  • Strength: 40%
  • Size: 75cl

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