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Aberlour A'bunadh

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17th Sep 2010


Aberlour A'bunadh
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After my second nosing and tasting session, this one really left an impression. But I must say, I have trouble understanding this intricate whisky. My batch is a number 26 with the top ABV I believe.

The scents really start to open up after some 5-10 minutes when neat. I haven't diluted 1-to-1 yet, because with 2-to-3 the taste already started to fade, and I certainly don't want to spoil a dram of my bottle's 65 euros worth of fine whisky.

Nose: complex, definite sherry, mocca and (real) caramel/fudge. Also rhum-raisin chocolate, and even cedar wood. After diluting: oranges, fresh grapes and tuttifrutti. All smells in incredible complex and overwhelming intensity.

Taste: immediate warming effect, with sharpness and numbness with too big a sip (due to high ABV-levels). Again, complex taste, adding dark, slight vanilla smokiness (the kind of tabacco for smoking pipe). Soothing, sweet dark maple sirup experience on the tounge.

Finish: long, slowly but gently letting off the pain of swallowing this intense drought. And leaves an impression to last for at least a day, and then wanting to know if your great memory was indeed as beautifully complex. But like the love of your dreams, never immediately giving away its full glory.

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