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Amrut Portonova

Figs and Chocolate

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29th Apr 2014


Amrut Portonova
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Now let’s have a look at Amrut Portonova (Batch 03, ABV 62%), our final Amrut tasting. I think it’s a non-chill filtration with no added colour.

So Port finished and what do we have on the nose: figs and chocolate and a wee touch of sherry. What… Let me check that again. Yep, a definite touch of sherry on the nose despite it never having been near a sherry cask. But it’s literally swimming in figs and chocolate mind. Fig liqueur anybody? Very very sweet nose. The palate reflects the nose perfectly. Very sweet, very chocolate, lashings of figs, the trademark Amrut fruitiness and a little cinnamon oak spice. Lovely finish on all of the above. The only distraction is the missing depth due to its youth and maturation in Bangalore. This would be a master class in port finishes, I reckon, if it was matured in a cool, very deep, cellar in Bangalore for 12-16 years, leaving the cask interaction happen over a suitable time period.

By the way, it’s not in any way port or winey if you know what I mean.

So would I recommend for the price. Maybe, there are a lot of other very good malts in this price bracket mind you. It’s really sweet, so appeals readily to novice drinkers. Conversely if you are not a fan of the sweeties, then this will be borderline too sickly for you.

Do you feel good after a few drams? Mmmm again, it’s kinda of a neutral effect.

Interesting note on this. It was selected by our panel for the ‘Intrinsic Distillate Quality Enhanced Testing Phase’. An interesting examine of the spirit using layman’s techniques that involve consuming more that the recommended daily units of alcohol and more scientifically orientated laser spectrographicchemical analysis testing (some of our tasters have cool jobs). The results: this is a very clean cut distillate. I mean it’s right up there with the best. Layman’s terms: if you “accidently“ consume this product to excess, you are not as much at risk of a severe hangover when compared to others. Funny thing, we never have a problem looking for volunteers for the IDQETP!

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Rigmorole commented

I've got an unopened bottle of the 2011. Thanks for the very nice review. I can't wait to try my Portonova now.

10 years ago 0

Misty commented

No Problem. Enjoy it! They don't seem to be releasing anymore Portonova at the moment, whereas I have seen the sherry finished released again recently.

Does anyone know was the Portonova a limited release or something?

10 years ago 0