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Ancient Ancient Age 10 Year Old

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Ancient Ancient Age 10 Year Old

Product details

  • Brand: Ancient Age
  • Bottler: Unknown
  • ABV: 43.0%
  • Age: 10 year old

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Ancient Ancient Age 10 Year Old

This is my first review within this forum. Why did I choose what is affectionately known as "Triple A" (not to be confused with Ancient Ancient Age Star 10) as my first review? For no other reason than it starts with 'A' and for the unique fact it is generally only found/sold in Kentucky, USA.

My bottle is from a single private barrel, a "honey pot" among the stock in the "rick house" and truly a classic example of a "best bang for your buck" whiskey.

This is the "good book" behind the "bad cover". Look beyond low expectations because of the ridiculous sticker price of $18 (750ml), and the unromantic reality that it has the dreaded screw cap (a plastic one at that!). Then open up Jim Murray's 2011 "Bible" and notice it's one of his favorites when he lived in KY and gives it a very respectable 95!

This is a dandy dram and a wonderful Bourbon to introduce beginning whiskey drinks to.

Nose: Smells like flavors I would like to find in a pound cake, some honey mixed with vanilla. A whiff of oak under overly ripe fresh figs.

Palate: Light oil textures with the "hon-illa", fruit and oak playing together with a hint of a spicy bite.

Finish: Lingering hints of wet oak on a soft yet warm, subtle sweet with just a quick flick of cayenne and a medium-long lasting fade.

Balance: A very nice dram from start to finish with all parts of the ritual evenly playing out as I work my way, slowly towards my final sip.

Ritual: Drinking 'neat' out of a snifter as is my usual practice, I got familiar with the dram for about 5 minutes of nosing and warming it in hand (this is where a snifter really shines) before taking my first taste.

This is one that will likely be a regular in my cabinet and especially a bottle I pull out for those occasions when there are parties, new whiskey drinkers or "a shot and a beer" buddy comes over to join me.

Interesting. Never considered this bottle. I'm looking for a new everyday Bourbon. I'll be trying this one tonight. Thanks!

I think I'll try it


Even though I only live 600 miles from Kentucky it took me about 2 years to get myself a taste of Ancient Ancient Age 10 yr old. I had read about it from ga-ga bourbon fans on bourbonenthusiast.com. I read that this was Jim Murray's favourite everyday dram when he lived in Kentucky. And I read that Murray rated it 95/100 in his 2011 Whisky Bible. The problem: Ancient Ancient Age 10 yr. old is only sold in Kentucky, mostly in 1.75 L plastic bottles for under $ 40. Finally, I got my chance when a third degree of separation parent from Kentucky hand-carried the product into my state and possession.

Nose: Moderate intensity of honey, maple, oak, a little fruit, and spice.

Taste: All of the nose flavours are in evidence with some vanilla as well.

Finish: Rather long finish, with the spice holding up very well and consistently, and almost all of the flavours remaining until the end.

Balance: this bourbon grows quickly on you, has great drinkability, and wears well. It also goes quickly if you put it out at a party! This is more gentle and subtle than big and overpowering. If you are in the mood for gentle and subtle, but still tasty, there is much to like here.

@Fons, my first attempt to buy AAA 10 yo was in Ohio, maybe 100 km from Kentucky. I also wound up with AAA 10 Star, since I also did not at that point know the difference. I was severely dissapointed when I discovered that I didn't have the 10 yo, but after a few tastes I really started to appreciate 10 Star's very easy-drinking qualities. I think of 10 Star as being dangerously drinkable, sort of like whiskey Kool-Aid. The AAA 10 yo is a little nicer than the 10 Star, but you won't hear me saying anything bad about the 10 Star. I am glad that I have some of it. If you do get a chance to try some of the AAA 10 yo, @Fons, the differences are definitely enough to justify a separate bottle. Jim Murray liked the 10 Star enough to rate it 91.5/100 pts.

On closer inspection, I seem to have bought the Ancient Ancient Age 10 Star, not the Ancient Ancient Age 10 yr. old. :D Has any of you guys tried it yet, @dbk or @Victor? I'm curious to find out what you think of it.

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