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Ardbeg Ardbog

Ardbeg Ardbog


  • Total reviews: 16
  • Total ratings: 30
  • Brand: Ardbeg
  • Bottler: Distillery Bottling
  • ABV: 52.1%

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Ardbeg Ardbog

L13 044 07:57 6ML Ardbeg Ardbog

Thanks to @Victor for sourcing this bottle for me. This bottle gave us an excuse to meet up, and I am very grateful. I opened this bottle on Father's Day this year. This tasting was done on 9-9-2013Nose…

@NockBy @Nock3 years ago 0 492

Ardbeg Ardbog

A new friend Ardbeg Ardbog

Firstly I have to start this review with two thank you's. The first is to Ardbeg for making these annual releases. Whilst very hard to get hold of, they are exciting and worth trying if you get a chance…

@tjbBy @tjb3 years ago 0 190

Ardbeg Ardbog

A Bit Winey,But They Still Like It Ardbeg Ardbog

I have been highly entertained by the reactions to Ardbeg Galileo since its release 1 September 2012, and have enjoyed waiting to review the new Ardbeg Ardbog for a nearly-full 3 months since its release…

@VictorBy @Victor3 years ago 0 292

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