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Arran 10 Year Old

The best vanilla ice cream ever

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@jfpilonReview by @jfpilon

17th Feb 2011


Arran 10 Year Old
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To be honest, I've been waiting that dram for about 3 months. Why, you ask? Well, in my familly we do a secret santa every year and we provide a list of the things we'd like to receive, and as a spirit enthusiast, I always put some whisky's and rums on there. And this year, instead of the usual blend, I had the Arran 10YO, as it is available for around our agreed upon price of 40CAD.

So, I refrained from purchasing it between the draw and christmas. Then, since our state owned liquor stores were out, I waited. BTW, I can surely attest that single malt scotch were a very popular Xmas gift last decembre.

Then last friday, voilĂ ! It's back on the shelves. I bought one. I was ther to get soem Big Peat, but I guess that bottle will have to wait until my next paycheck...

The Arran 10yo is so very fruity on the nose. Sultana and some acetone notes, but not harsh. But, strong stuff! And indeed the bottle states 46% abv and non chill filtered (yeah!). The color is of a nice gold and the eau de vie Coats the glass pretty nicely: the legs are nice and take time to disappear.

Sharp and clean on the tongue. Nice sweetness on a good body. Wood and grapes again. Apple and sweet vanilla on a second sip. Yes that's it: It's like the best vanilla ice cream ever! And I use to work in an old school ice cream parlour, so I should know.

Prickly, I will add water to my Arran malt. Not too much changes, just maybe some light flowery notes and a more defined fruityness. This is good! There's definitely something bourbonesque in there. And cinnamon.

The finish is again white fruits with spices and stays with you until the next mouthful. Which could wait, but won't: the stuff is moorish. As in "I want moore".

As, a side notes, ! played master blender with it and some BeenRiach Arumaticus Fumosus, and: WOW! Though weird that it's the speysider that lends the peat to the islander here. It reminded me of a young talisker.

I also did try a 2 parts Arran w/ 1 part Arumaticus Fumosus and 1 part HP 12YO, and that one blew my socks off! I think it's the bourbon vanilla nature of the Arran that lends it it's fantastical blending potential.

This one is going into my "will buy again" list for sure. Can't wait to try the 14 YO!

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