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Arran 18 Year Old

Positively fruit salads

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5th Sep 2018


Arran 18 Year Old
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Last Christmas I looked at my collection and it was mostly younger whiskies. 10 and 12 year olds and a few 15s. So I decided to add a couple of late teen whiskies to my collection and went for the Arran 18 and the Springbank 18 (which I've still to open). It was something of a risk to go for the Arran as I'd not tried any of the distilleries younger bottlings.

But who dares wins as they say as I found I loved it.

The arrival (neat) takes your breath a little with a malty solventy arrival. Then it's all about the fruit. Lots of fruit. Green apples, pears, oranges, pineapple and a taste that was bugging me for a while that I couldn't nail down I finally put my finger on today: the British sweet 'Fruit Salad'. In fact upon reflection I'd say this whisky was more about fruit favoured sweets than actual fruit.

The development has jamaican ginger cake and dried fruit. The finish is quite long and has tanins and bitter stewed apples (like the apples you put in an apple crumble before you've added the sugar).

This is nearly twice the price of the 14 year old but having not tried the younger whisky it's difficult to say whether its worth the extra cash. I suspect not as although this is a cracking whisky and quite different to most other scotchs out there it doesn't taste especially mature.

I'll have to snaffle a bottle of the 14 at some point.

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RianC commented

Thanks for the nice review @Wierdo!

I've not tried this but have had the 10 and 14. I liked the 10 but found the 14 excellent and bearing the fruity signature you outline above. All I can say is that you'll be hard pushed to find a better whisky for the same price as the 14.

This does sound lovely though . . .

5 years ago 1Who liked this?

DaveM commented

I’m sitting on a new bottle of Arran 18 purchased a month ago. I might need to open this one after reading your review.

5 years ago 1Who liked this?

Mackstine commented

Having opened an 18 recently myself, I'd say it is great whisky and well worth the money. The 14 is also quite excellent, and it was one of my gateways to having a big Arran crush. IMHO they're both worth having for different occasions.

5 years ago 1Who liked this?