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Bakers 7 Year Old

The non Jim Beam Jim Beam's bourbon

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30th Jul 2016


Bakers 7 Year Old
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The 7 yo Baker's is part of the Jim Beam family but I read that they use a different yeast to create this one and it shows.

The nose:

This has nothing in common with the other high ABV 7 yo from JB, Booker's. This one has banana (specilay with water), pickle, lilac, mint cherries, clove, cinnamon and vanila. The spices makes me think of the single barrel of a famous Tennessee whiskey. With air, I get more red fruits and became closer to Booker's with more of a nutty profile. Great nose that evolve continuously giving a lot of complexity.

The palate:

More sweetness than expected. A beautifull honeydew melon on the first sip that disappear after then the nuts before the spices and the floral and minty side that are playing a smaller role than on the palate (unfortunately). When swirling this, I get red tea. It is a bit dichotomic, the wood notes are not working all the time with the fruits and floral notes. The clove is predominant and hot. With water, the floral notes are more present and more like rose water.

The finish:

Without water is like a one two punch spices/floral. The two are following each other without unity. With water, the floral notes are their from the beginning and the spices are getting stronger and stronger. It is way better.

The balance:

Good on the nose, a bit off on the palate and the finish but with water good on the palate and very good on the finish.


Nose and drink half of this one without water, then add water and you will get the best out of it. Somebody with a sweet tooth will enjoy this one. I also have to say the alcohol rush is not as big as with Booker's wich I was expecting with the lower ABV. In the around 50% ABV category, I like when I get a lot of floral notes that is why I would buy 4 Roses SB and Jack Daniel's SB before this expression. Although, I will give a 1 or 2 points bonus for the banana nose.

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