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Bernheim Original

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24th Jun 2013


Bernheim Original
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Got me a sample of another extreme. This one is extreme, because it is a 100% Wheater. It is extreme, but in a gentle way.

The nose reminds me of the Maker's Mark Red Seal, something which isn't surprising me because of the high Wheat fraction in the MM. There is vanilla and buttery tones. It's like wheat-bread or toast.

The palate is very round and sweet. The Bernheim has a medium body. There is caramel, whitebread, a light oak influence (not very spicy) and some eucalyptus at the end.

The finish is short with a slight bittersweetness.

Overall a light and quaffable summer-dram. Not very complex but solid crafted.

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Victor commented

Bernheim Original Wheat Whiskey is actually 51-39-10 wheat/corn/malted barley, but it is true that wheat is the dominant flavour. Bernheim Original is a mild-mannered whiskey which is generally easily liked by people who are willing to like mild-mannered whiskeys. Big Flavours Club whisky buffs will often find it rather tame to their tastes.

10 years ago 0

Wills commented

Well that's interesting. I thought the Bernheim is the only Bourbon (or whiskey at all) which is made from a 100% wheat-mash. Do you know the formula of the mashbill for the MM?

Normally I do like the intense drams more but there are also moments where I really enjoy the lighter ones. And this is a really easy-going dram.

10 years ago 0

Victor commented

Chuck Cowdery, an extremely experienced American whiskey writer, says that the Maker's Mark mashbill is approximately 15-75-10 wheat/corn/malted barley. Proportions similar to those would also be typical for most wheated bourbons.

As for liking the lighter whiskeys, I like Bernheim Original just fine, though my biggest favourites are almost all Big Flavours Club selections.

10 years ago 0

newlad56 commented

Just to add to Victor's spot-on comments, under US law, the whiskey has to contain at least 51% mash of whatever is being made. In this case, wheat whiskey. Bourbon must have at least 51% corn mash in order to be labeled bourbon.

10 years ago 0