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Booker's Small Batch Bourbon

2015-6 Noe Secret

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30th Mar 2017


Booker's Small Batch Bourbon
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This wraps up my reviews of the 2015 series from Jim Beam Booker's Small Batch Bourbon. The final batch has been aged 6yrs 8mo 7days and bottled at 64.05%. Reviewing an entire years worth of batches has been a very interesting experience.
First I never expected there to be such flavor variation from a major label. I traditionally associated booker's with a specific flavor profile of wood, cinnamon, vanilla, and a sweet sticky mouthfeel, but now I know that the flavors can vary rather widely depending on the people involved in the roundtable.
Second, I never expected there to be such a wide variance in quality between the batches. Over six batches I've scored this bourbon between 65 and 94 with an average score of 83. Before writing these reviews I'd tell you that Booker's is an 88 or 89 point bourbon, but now I realize that it can be very good, very bad, or even just average.

Nose: Wood, cinnamon, corn syrup, cherry, clove, and alcohol.

Taste: Woody and spicy but not overly hot or bitter. Subtle cherry and vanilla. Water improves the flavors, increases the sweetness, and balances this one out.

Finish: Warm to hot with drying wood and lingering sweetness and spice.

Balance: Good flavor but lacking in overall depth.

Final Thoughts: It is oddly appropriate that this batch falls in line with the average of the others. If you like a woody bourbon with good spice, a smoothish profile, and some variation from batch to batch then Booker's is the perfect choice. See below for all of my 2015 Booker's reviews

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GoodVintage commented

nice round up. love 60%+ bourbon of this quality, makes you feel alive.

7 years ago 0