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    Bruichladdich Rocks

    Effervescent Bruichladdich Rocks

    The second miniature of my Tasting Pack is the Bruichladdich Rocks, the 2008 version.The nose of the Rocks is fairly sweet without really being sweet. You follow? I get some apricots and vanilla and…

    @markjedi1By @markjedi110 months ago 0 079

    Bruichladdich Rocks

    Chewy and Delicious Bruichladdich Rocks

    Directly from the Website of Bruichladdich, "A bracing, light and floral dram that expresses both the marine top-notes of classic Bruichladdich spirit and master distiller Jim McEwan’s lifetime experi…


    Bruichladdich Rocks

    Is this Islay? Bruichladdich Rocks

    Color: apricot.Nose: Not your typical Islay! Quite malty. Grainy cereal notes with a hint of sweet brown sugar and a whisp of something tart like pomegranate seeds. The light touch of peat hovers just…

    @AKGcandlefishBy @AKGcandlefish3 years ago 0 481

    Bruichladdich Rocks

    Earthy Rollercoaster Bruichladdich Rocks

    Thanks to @MarsViolet for the reviewed sample. Nose: acrid citric antiseptic, like strong mouth wash, a little sour, brine, followed by malt and actually a bit of perfume of roses, which seems strangely…

    @VictorBy @Victor4 years ago 0 873

    Bruichladdich Rocks

    Rocky? Not really Bruichladdich Rocks

    Simple and nice expression. Young. Nose: candy, apple pie, bit of peat Palate: toffee, bit of spices, cocoa, bit of peat Finish: coffee, chocolate, toffee, peat

    @MaxBy @Max4 years ago 0 081

    Bruichladdich Rocks

    Simple and nice Bruichladdich Rocks

    Nose: Quite simple, a range of different jams, red fruits, slight maltyness and saltynessPalate: Jams again, red fruits (stawberry's, Rassberrys ect.), hints of pepper, cooked vinilla.Finish: Basically…

    JBy @Jason01424 years ago 0 283

    Bruichladdich Rocks

    More of a wine coat than finish Bruichladdich Rocks

    Nose: Lemon peel, grape juice, satsumas, mint syrup, bleach. A little dirty, like a beach. There's also a certain artificial fruit flavor that I associate with lollipops, gummy candies, etc. Taste: A bit…

    @DellnolaBy @Dellnola5 years ago 0 180

    Bruichladdich Rocks

    Nice Rocks Bruichladdich Rocks

    This must be one of the best value malts on the market. It's apparantly un-peated but its so rich and full on the palate that you wouldn't know it. I absolutely love it. Extra points for the price, it's…

    mBy @mattatec5 years ago 0 384

    Bruichladdich Rocks

    ROCKS My Cradle Bruichladdich Rocks

    Suppose that you would like something more interesting and assertive than a Speyside, but less overwhelming than tar in a bonfire. Well, Bruichladdich ROCKS is one of my favorite go-to, all-rounder malts…

    @AboutChoiceBy @AboutChoice6 years ago 1 1092