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10th Oct 2019


Canadian Club 40 Year Old
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Ok, so I'm late to the party. This one was released back in 2017, and my friend got me a 35 ml sample almost immediately. I've been meaning to review it, but I'm always nervous. I didn't want to fall into one of two opposing camps on this one. There's one group of people who seemed to review this "I love it because it's an old Canadian whisky. It's great, regardless of how it actually tastes" while another group seemed intent on shitting all over it, just to be edgy and take a shot at Canadian whisky, regardless of how it tastes. I don't expect that from the gang here at Connosr, but you know some of those reviewers are out there. Of course a 35ml sample can only go so far. This review is obviously limited in scope, and I don't claim to have the world's finest, most discerning palate. There, with that out of the way, here's the actual review.

Tasting Notes

I let this “open up” (covered) in a Glencairn for an hour or more.

  • Nose (undiluted): caramel popcorn, butterscotch candies, cola, rye spices, old oak, a slight mustiness like old books (which I quite enjoy)
  • Palate (undiluted): rich buttery texture, gentle arrival, rye spice, orange zest, pepper, a touch of canned pineapple somewhat reminiscent of a good rum
  • Finish: buttery, brown sugar, cola, molasses, cloves

With water, there’s some vanilla, barrel char, and an aroma reminiscent of freshly baked Old Fashioned Plain doughnuts (my favourite). After another brief rest in the glass, the pineapple aroma becomes more pronounced. This really reminds me of good rum. Unfortunately the flavours don’t benefit from the addition of water. The lovely, buttery texture is thinner with water and the orange zest note all but disappears. The finish is also diminished by the addition of water. It becomes a bit nondescript; like a “standard” Canadian whisky. I’d skip the water altogether and make sure to give it plenty of resting time in the glass.

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