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Compass Box Great King Street - Artist's Blend

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8th Jul 2012


Compass Box Great King Street - Artist's Blend
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I was drawn to this bottling after seeing an interview with John Glaser on the whisky marketplace video done by Connosr’s very own Pierre! The small bottle makes a difference as it stood out once I’d put it on my cabinet next to my other bottles! Anyway to the main bit of the review! The whisky had an almost dusty yellow colour to it, and at first I thought it was just my glass, but after pouring it into another one the colour remained. It wasn’t a dirty colour though, certainly did put me off the dram! I found it very sweet on the nose, came across like a bag of Haribo to be honest! There was also a hint of roses, adding a nice floral edge to it. The sweetness was there in the taste as well, again with the Haribo likeness, to be specific I would compare it to the white bit on the heart shaped sweets they do! There was a bit of oomph to it as well, and the finish left a strange (yet not unwelcome) fizzy feeling on my tongue. That died down and left a softness there, leaving me wanting more! Overall I thought the Great King Street Artists Blend is a well rounded and enjoyable whisky, which made the small bottle work against it, as it is emptying quickly and more will have to be bought!

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Victor commented

I heard John Glaser speak three months ago. He clearly expects Artist's Blend to be only the first of a whole series of additional Compass Box Great King Street blends to follow the Artist's Blend. 'Blended Scotch whisky', as differentiated from 'blended malt whisky' is where he is turning his attention in the development of new products nowadays. In the US we have that 'little bottle' of Great King Street Artist's Blend. We also have a 750 ml size for sale here. It is indeed a very pleasant whisky. Thank you for your review, @Alanjp.

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