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Cutty Sark Storm

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Cutty Sark Storm

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Cutty Sark Storm

The Cutty Sark Storm is a creation from Master Blender Kristeen Campbell. The heart is still grain whisky from North British, but the malt content is a lot bigger than in the regular Cutty Sark. It undoubtedly has quite a bit of Glenrothes in it – and who knows? Maybe even some Macallan and Highland Park as well (after all, all these are part of Edrington Group).

Oh! This is quite a nice and fruity nose indeed. Think banana, pineapple and gooseberries. Even some peach. The smell of the grain whisky is nicely packaged in the fruity notes of the malt whisky. Typical Glenrothes sweetness, I daresay. And that is just fine.

The body is light, but the malt is tasty. Peach comes first now. Then some apples and pears. Nice development of woodsmoke as well. Pepper and some ginger. Liquorice. This is more than just okay.

The finish is surprisingly long, sweet and a touch drying at the death.

This is a Cutty Sark on steroids and quite an improvement over the regular blend. Still only 20 EUR.

The flavour profile is very similar, but this one has more depth and flavour, thx to the higher content of malt. I got me of bottle of this myself, but would not bother with the regular one. This is clearly a step up and worth your while.

Great to see reviews on affordable blends. Will probably get a bottle of this for myself. I see you also covered the regular bottle, apart from being better does this have a similar flavour profile?


This is a lovely surprise. Extremely rich for a lower-end blend i'm quite happy to rate it alongside the BNJ 8 as the best value for money available on the market. Simply put you could drink this one all night...literally...

NOSE. Fresh, but with hints at plenty. Fruity. Heavy, stewed.

MOUTH. There's a dose of fruit here and delightfully something dairy about the creamy rush behind that. Deep hints that maybe the whisky doesn't quite deliver on but still hugely satisfying given the price tag. Caramel? Remains full in the mouth.

AFTER. There's a wood swell in the mouth just before it dries off and finishes with a spicy feel to the oak finish. Fresh, rewarding.

At twenty-five bucks, it's a steal. And a girl made it!

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