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Dalwhinnie 15 Year Old bottled 1980s

Gentle and (mostly) forgettable.

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20th Feb 2012


Dalwhinnie 15 Year Old bottled 1980s
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Nose: Fresh nose on this. Crisp candied apple, honeydew melon, rainwater and a bit of cedar.

Taste: The tagline for this whisky is "The Gentle Spirit" and with good reason. Smooth, measured arrival. No one particular taste takes the spotlight immediately. Sweet rainwater with a hint of cedar makes an appearance as the nose suggests. Then, unfortunately a slightly sour note appears for just a few moments... like, baby puke. Very odd. A nice mild, dry smokiness replaces that, thankfully.

Finish: Medium in length and again very mild, but pleasant nonetheless. Dry, and really nicely smokey developing into subtle sweet maltiness.

Summary: Nose and finish are more enjoyable and complex than the flavour. Not sure if the sour "baby puke" taste is typical of this whisky, or if it was just this bottle. Overall I'd say this is a decent whisky for someone new to scotch but there's not a lot of character here--pretty forgettable. Unfortunately it's the brief pukey characteristic that'll stick in my memory with this one.

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ncaron commented

I also had the baby puke experience tasting Dalwhinnie 15 years. Can't say it left a good impression on me! Actually did not post a review of it here, but it was the first time ever I actually disliked a single malt.

Reading plenty of good reviews of it makes me think you and I were unlucky though and I will give it another chance at some point.

12 years ago 0

Victor commented

I am very glad that I don't taste the baby puke with Dalwhinnie 15. If I did, I wouldn't come back again either.

This whisky gets both lovers and haters in large numbers, it seems. I am more in the lover's camp, though I can understand that 'big flavours' lovers tend to walk right by something this understated for something much larger. My strongest preference is for the big flavours, but I can enjoy the subtle stuff too.

12 years ago 0