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English Whisky Chapter 9

Musty smoke

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11th Mar 2015


English Whisky Chapter 9
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Distilled August 2007, aged in ASB (American Standard Barrels) numbered casks 351, 352, 353 and 354, and bottled in August 2010. This is exactly three years old, no more, no less so as near to new make as whisky can be. This bottle was a gift from friends of mine on their wedding for my (inept) ushering services. I didn’t really deserve the whisky, but was very grateful as I’d not sampled this distillery before.

This is a very pale, almost colourless whisky. The aromas are pungent of pine, peat and an oddly musty smoky smell which is not all together pleasant.

Thankfully the mustiness does not transfer to the palate which is much cleaner and sweeter with some chewy peat, ethereal smoke, a touch of wood and a little dusty cardboard. The youth of the spirit is evident in some alcohol burn, but there is a pleasing amount of body to the liquor.

The finish is relatively short and drying with the woody hints rising to meet the subtle fading influences of smoke and peat. Overall this is a good young whisky but the musty aroma colours it a bit for me. Would it better with a couple of years longer in the cask, who can say?

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