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Four Roses Single Barrel


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11th Aug 2015


Four Roses Single Barrel
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A boatload of Four Roses Single Barrel arrived at the LCBO a couple of weeks ago - they still seem to have a lot of it - so I might have to just buy as much as I can up until either the bourbon runs out...or the money runs out...

This comes from Warehouse KE and Barrel No. 6-5D. For those who care about the mashbill / yeast strain, the standard Four Roses Single Barrel code is OBSV (the Four Roses website will decipher this for you).

The colour is a medium coppery gold. On the nose we have rich cherries, cigar tobacco, polished oak, dark caramel, vanilla and menthol. Cocoa powder. Some savoury herbs in the background. Freshly sawn lumber. Maltier, spicier notes emerge with water. Strong, woody but balanced and elegant.

On the palate there are more cherries, but with blackberries as well. Creamy mouthfeel. Chocolate, vanilla and a lighter caramel than on the nose. The wood influence here is more prominent, pulling a bit too much in the mouth. Water adds more spice. Rich and delicious.

The finish is chalky with more oak coming forward - long and developing into caramel and rye spice. Another delicious Four Roses Single Barrel to enjoy! I might save a bit of this and do a side-by-side with other Single Barrels (as I often do with Jack Daniel's Single Barrel). We'll see...

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Benancio commented

@talexander I like your review and I like this bourbon very much. That's a solid score and where I'd put it, 88. I'm fortunate that it's readily available where I am. If it's not where you are I'd pick up as many as your budget will allow.

8 years ago 0

talexander commented

Thanks @Benancio - there seems to be quite a bit here in Ontario for now - after it disappears it usually takes quite a while to come back though!

8 years ago 0

Nozinan commented

Came back in 2016... I picked up a couple of bottles and traded one for a different barrel. The one I have open is quite nice. I'd probably put it in the mid-80s as well.

7 years ago 0

talexander commented

I have one I bought a few weeks ago - haven't reviewed it yet though! Will do so soon.

7 years ago 0