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Glencadam Origin 1825

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26th Jul 2021


Glencadam Origin 1825
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I was suppose to taste these whiskies as part of a virtual tasting lead by Tomintoul Master Distiller Robert Fleming, but I suppose I missed something when I signed up for the tasting, because I don't think I would have registered knowing it was happening at 11am on a Tuesday. I'm dedicated, but not that dedicated. What follows then is my impressions of these whiskies.

If you've ever read my reviews, you know I'm weary of anything labelled "Founder's Reserve" or "Origin" or anything along those lines. To me, those lines are usually code for "not our best stuff". You may think that's unfair of me but my experience has lead me to where I am. Glencadam brands themselves the "Rather Elegant Highland Single Malt" which is less over the top than "luxury" or "finest" or what have you. They also came onto many a single malt enthusiast's radar when Ralfy named Glencadam 15 Year Old his whisky of the year back in 2017 or thereabouts. And what followed was predictable. The whisky became more or less unfindable and just about every other whisky enthusiast took one of two positions; 1. Ralfy is a genius and this whisky is the nectar of the Gods or 2. Ralfy is an idiot and this stuff is overrated. Anyhow, Origin is NOT that whisky so let's see what it's all about.

  • Nose (undiluted): a bit shy at first, some cinnamon, raw red apples, light honey, a touch of banana
  • Palate: gentle arrival, pears, bananas, a touch of pineapple, more honey
  • Finish: rather on the short side, light oak, some milk chocolate, a bit more pear and banana
  • Thoughts: The write-up accompanying the samples mentionned sherry cask finishing or maturation but I don't get a ton of the typical dried fruits on the nose of this whisky. That's not necessarily a bad thing just a curiosity to me. Glencadam Origin sells for about the same price as Glenfiddich 12 and Glenlivet 12. Its character is a bit different than those malts so this may be worth checking out if you like a touch of tropical fruit character in your malt. I'm not running out the door to stock up on Glencadam Origin but I wouldn't be disappointed to receive it as a gift either.

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BlueNote commented

We’ll nailed @OdysseusUnbound. Whisky has a particular vocabulary and certain words are code for “this ain’t our best shit, but we’ve gotta get rid of it.”

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