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Glenfarclas 30 Year Old

Sweet, fruity surprise in a bottle

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@DrBReview by @DrB

17th Apr 2010


Glenfarclas 30 Year Old
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Plums and raisin bread, and some latex paint, on the nose. There was toffee as well and something creamy but difficult to describe. A bit like mayonnaise, the latex paint again… something sweet and creamy a little like candy but without any sharpness. The whisky was very, very smooth.

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LeFrog commented

I love everything I've tried from Glenfarclas and this sounds amazing. 10/10 stars though? Not sure I could give any whisky full marks - where do you go from here?

14 years ago 0

kian commented

im considering getting this as my next purchase as well,sounds like a good one and am enjoying the 21 yo a lot.However im gettin drawn towards a karuizawa 1982 i never tried japanese whisky and it sounds a bit tasty too,anyway i got a few weeks to decide while i save up.As far as the scoring goes you are right le frog i think ive been a bit genourous myself too.A 100 points guide would be better.

14 years ago 0

DrB commented

Yeah, maybe its a 9.5. Damn good whiskey though. Only criticism is it that it was so smooth that it was difficult to pull out individual characteristics. Took a lot of work. I also reviewed this drink with a cigar at www.guidscotchdrink.com

14 years ago 0

jdcook commented

Yeah, Glenfarclas seem to be producing some fantastic drams, and the 30 year old seems to be another notch on their belt. I'd agree that 10 is something I would be very hesitant to give, but given how good the rest of the range is, I'm not surprised by the high mark.

14 years ago 0

kian commented

Finally got round to buying the 30 along with the 15 and 17. Goes without saying the 30 Year old is the pick of the bunch - a truly exquisite whisky I cant praise it enough. From the ever developing nose through to the deliciously rich sherried palate and finally one of the longest and most sublime finishes I have ever encountered - I swear I am still tasting chocolate almost an hour after my first glass. If there is one premium whisky which you might want to treat yourself to then this should be right up there - fantastic dram

12 years ago 0