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Glenfiddich Malt Master's Edition Sherry Cask Finish

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Glenfiddich Malt Master's Edition Sherry Cask Finish

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  • Brand: Glenfiddich
  • Bottler: Distillery Bottling
  • ABV: 43.0%

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Glenfiddich Malt Master's Edition Sherry Cask Finish

My first-year graduate students surprised me at the end of the semester with this incredibly generous gift to thank me for my work with them for the past year.

The Glenfiddich 12 was once a mainstay in my house, but I grew out of it. The last time I had it, I thought it was 75 whisky at best, so I've been reluctant to try any of their other varieties. This one is double matured in bourbon and sherry casks to celebrate the 125th anniversary of the distillery.

Color: just red of apple juice.

Nose: an incredibly fresh and aromatic bouquet of fruit, oats, and spice. Apple, cinnamon, and caramel dominate, with granola and raisins in the background.

Body: medium and silky.

Palate: pretty much what you get in the nose. Tastes a lot like what I imagine eating spiked cinnamon-apple oatmeal would taste like. Creamy, warm, and buttery. Quite good!

Finish: one last burst of oats and an aftertaste of chocolate that lingers for a while. Not a hefty finish, but warming and pleasant.

This reminds me a lot of my encounters with various varieties of The Balvenie, but better than any of those. This was a delicious edition to my collection and suggests I should explore more of the Glenfiddich range with an open mind.

Nice review! I picked this one up as well, and I enjoy it.

If you are looking at more Glenfiddichs I'd recommend the GF 15 Year Old. The 3 cask types and Solera Vat method makes it better than their 18 in my opinion.


I read this bottle goes for about $80 (up to $90) in the US. So when I found it for ¥5,000 ($69) I didn't hesitate, cause I like Glenfiddich, and also after reading @WhiskyBee 's nice comments about the finish, I had to drink it!

(no water added) Nose: Raisin chocolate hits me first. Sherry (obviously), cold soft pear. A very sweet nose. A little too sweet for my personal taste. Getting some more perfumy stuff towards the edges of the Glencairn

Delivery: This is something that makes me chew instinctively. It's by no means a complex start. But I don't necessary need complexity, and that's not what I'm look for in a Glenfiddich anyway. How to describe? I'm not impressed by the taste, however I find it absolutely delicious. Malty and sweet, and right about when it's traveling back before the swallow the sherry starts creeping in.

Finish: I'm not anywhere near qualified to describe this, but I still wanted to post a review about it this great whisky because there aren't many out there yet. This finish takes you on a ride...chewy sherry, oak makes a subtle and dry appearance. Then creamy sweetness, and I feel as if it has a slightly higher ABV than the stated 43%. What happens then, not always but this it what if often get; the finish kind of disappears for a brief moment, then starts again. The first time I took a sip from this bottle I thought "that's it?! Not as long as I expec...oh here we go again!" Slow pulses of malt, dark chocolate, not so sweet banana... Very harmonic, and a little woody/dry, hardly any bitterness. Very long, I don't think I have experienced the end if this finish, I'm too impatient and will always have the next sip before it's over.

Summary: I was taken away by the finish the first time I had a sip, I was kidnapped with a serious case of the Stockholm syndrome. But now after several evenings with this bottle I feel like I have gotten used to it more. Some of the initial pleasure was the surprise it gave me. Still, I will call this whisky great. If you see this bottle in a bar, I strongly recommend anyone to start the night with it to experience the finish. If you like Glenfiddich, then get the bottle, it's a little pricy, but it's just about worth it in my opinion.

@WhiskyBee I read that Scotchnoob review too before, but his impression of the fiddich 12 is vastly different from mine too so I decided we have, apart from him having tonns of more experience than me, have quite different palates. When reading your review I felt more I could relate to it for some reason. The argument that it is a little price I can understand however. I didn't have to pay as much fortunately, but even if it had cost me $80 and I had known how good it was I'd still have bought it, but that's about where I'd draw the line, if it was $90 I'm not so sure anymore.

@NilsG -- Wonderful review, and thanks for the plug. I also wish we could edit reviews so I could go back and eliminate about half of mine!

Connosr member ScotchNoob (proprietor of the excellent scotchnoob.com site) is about the only reviewer I've read who wasn't impressed by the finish in the MME (he even linked to my review in his, with the comment "Maybe I'm missing something"). After reading his comments, I had to try a dram from my half-empty bottle to see if I wasn't missing something, or imagining things that weren't there, but I'll stand by my original comments. This stuff has a superb, lasts-forever finish.

I thought I'd mention ScotchNoob's review, however, as a your-mileage-may-vary warning to others.


From the press releases, we learn that this expression was crafted by Glenfiddich's Malt Master Brian Kinsman, in celebration of the distillery's 125th anniversary. Aged 6 - 8 years in bourbon casks, then 4 - 6 years in sherry casks, this whisky has a (semi-) limited release of 18,000 bottles, and a reasonable price of about $80 US.

Nose: Malt, wood smoke, vanilla, nuts, berries, pepper, and a fair amount of sherry influence. Layered, complex, but very subdued. There's a great deal going on, but it's all being told in whispers. Becomes wonderfully rich and full-bodied as it opens up. Let it sit.

Arrival/Development: Seems a bit disappointing at first (but just wait). More one-dimensional than the nose would suggest, with malt and roasted brown sugar dominating. The sherry has virtually disappeared. Nice, but not particularly interesting, frankly.

Finish: Here's where the Malt Master's Edition makes up for its shortcomings and then some. Ranks among the best finish experiences I've ever had with any whisky. Buttery, smoky, fruity (cherries, bananas, and bitter apple), with healthy layers of vanilla, malt, and caramel. Warm, smooth, ultra-rich, and it lasts forever with additional layers revealing themselves a full two or three minutes after swallowing.

To sum up in a sentence: nice on the nose, mediocre in the mouth, greatness down the gullet. I usually don't award marks so high when a whisky offers only one outstanding tasting-experience component, but I'll make an exception when that component is so spectacular that it deserves to be experienced by all malt lovers.

Had my first dram last night, and WOW! I had high expectations, and they were if anything exceeded. The nose just wonderful, I got raisin chocolate hitting me first. I didn't find the delivery disappointing at all, and the sherry was there too. What surprised me was that it felt a lot stronger than 43% (a good thing in my opinion), I would have guesed more like close to 50% if I was drinking this blind. The finish was just just fantastic. The funny thing was that at one point I thought it had had already ended, and I though "ok it wasn't that long" but then it came back again wave after wave.

Doing a little googling I notice there seem to be two different labels. On my bottle, and almost every pic/vid I see on the net has only "Sherry Cask" written in bold under the main "Glenfiddich Malt Master's Edition". But in one promotion picture found here and there, it says "Double matured in oak and sherry casks". Do you know anything that could shed some light on this?

My bottle's batch number is 02/11 by the way.

@NilsG -- glad you liked it. Hmmm...interesting about the label. My bottle does say "Double matured in oak and sherry casks," and the batch number is 03/12, so maybe I have a later one? It's on the shelves at a couple of the local stores, so I'll check for variations next time I'm shopping.

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