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Glenlivet 16 Year Old Nadurra

Summer in a Bottle

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25th May 2010


Glenlivet 16 Year Old Nadurra
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Time for a new review and I have chosen The Glenlivet sixteen year old Nadurra. This particular batch was 0606A and was bottled in June of 2006 at 57.2% ABV.

I have read many people try to compare this spirit with other cask strength offerings such as Aberlour A'bunadh. It would be easy to compare these two based on the simple principle that they are bottled full strength. I do not believe that this is fair. I do not believe they are similar and I will explain.

The nose of the Nadurra is very light and powerfully fruity. I felt like I had just opened the applesauce and planned on dipping Almonds and Pears in it. It was very pleasant and reminded me of those deserts that were served after a summer lunch.

The body is warm but not overwhelming. This is where the oak and smoke made a distant appearance. Maybe left over campfire.....The apples and pears are still very apparent and the fresh honey shows up toward the end.

The finish is the only area that was slightly disappointing. The finish was of medium length and displayed some spices that were distantly latin in flavor. The only real fault I give here is that it falls off quick and leaves the party too soon.

The reason I feel that the A'bunadh and the Nadurra are too disimilar to compare is that the Nadurra reminds me of summer, less complex but lighter and more fun. I could easily have this while boating in the sun. The A'bunadh to me is more complex and reflective. I would feel more at home drinking that particular dram in front of the fire when it's as cold as possible outside.

In the end it's up to everybody to decide. I have to add this alongside my favorite malts. Not in competition but alongside my other cask strength drams, with it's own time and place to be enjoyed............possibly next fishing or camping trip. I feel like going soon now.

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jdcook commented

This is definitely one I am looking forward to trying.

13 years ago 0

Glenmax commented

I think you will enjoy it at length JD. This is one that can break into the supper table or picnic table easily......let me know what you think when you give it a go. Cheers!

13 years ago 0

Skepparkrantz commented

Nice review, i just have to try Nadurra soon, sounds like its just the right kind of whisky for the season too.. A friend of mine is regarding this as his all time favorite but i have never got the chance to try it out.

13 years ago 0

LeFrog commented

Love the Nudurra, this really took me by surprise!

13 years ago 0

scribe commented

Went to a Glenlivet vertical tasting recently and the Nadurra is a great inclusion in the Glenlivet range. Waitrose had it on offer a few weeks back too, might still be on?

13 years ago 0