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Glenmorangie 10 Year Old - Original

Flawless but Uninspired

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@markjedi1Review by @markjedi1

1st Nov 2017


Glenmorangie 10 Year Old - Original
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The Ten Year Old was rechristened Original when LVMH took over. It is still matured for ten years in oak from the forest in the Ozark Mountains, of which Glenmorangie is the owner. This is their entry level malt at 40%. I tried it before and found it to be quite ordinary,but am willing to give it another go after six years.

The nose is very sweet and docile on vanilla, toffee, honey and white fruit. Think apples and pears, but also – with a bit of good will – some gooseberries. Slightly more creamy than I remember, so it has that going for it at least.

It is also oily, almost creamy, on the palate. That’s nice. It is again very sweet (on more of the same from the nose, albeit joined by some raisin, almonds and loads of caramel), but also a bit spicy. Very soft, though. Just a whiff of pepper, almost not worthy to be mentioned.

The medium long finish continues in the same league.

A flawless, but rather uninspired entry level malt. Around 30 to 35 EUR, depending on where you look. Fine whisky for (no offense!) beginners.

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BlueNote commented

I bought a couple of bottles of this at 43% in Mexico last year. Quite a noticeable improvement on the 40% version.

6 years ago 0

Victor commented

@markjedi1, the 43% version of Glenmorangie Original is all that is sold here. I've never tasted the 40% version. I can imagine that a little more watering down does it no favours. At 43% Glenmo Original is usually very likable, but I did taste an "off" batch once. Other than that one bottle, the batches have shown great taste consistency.

@BlueNote, you can probably get your 43% ABV Glenmorangie Original in Oregon or Washington State, too.

6 years ago 1Who liked this?

BlueNote commented

@Victor Yes I can, but I've usually got better things in mind to bring back when I'm down there. I can bring three bottles back across the border, so I have to make them count. Glenmo 10 has never been a priority. But I did bring 2 back from Mexico as well as a Mac 12 which was also 43% and a good deal.

6 years ago 1Who liked this?

casualtorture commented

I enjoy this one. Simple and sweet. Yeah it's nothing special but for it's price what do you expect?

6 years ago 0

Robert99 commented

@markjedi1 That is the kind of Scotch I specifically buy to do some vatting. Like you say, it is flawless, therefore it could provide a base that I can spice at my convenience. It could also be use to mellow something harsh or heavy. As a vatting base, it could provides a lot of fun.

6 years ago 2Who liked this?

Alexsweden commented

I didn't know they grow their own oak, that's impressive!

6 years ago 1Who liked this?

Taco commented

Can't beat this for value and consistency. Just bought a liter today for $36 + tax. This was the first single malt I tasted that I really fell in love with, and that was in 1983. Always keep a bottle around, as I still enjoy it as a standard.

6 years ago 1Who liked this?