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Jack Daniel's 1954 Gold Medal

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Jack Daniel's 1954 Gold Medal

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Jack Daniel's 1954 Gold Medal

My, what packaging! A 1954 Gold Medal Winner of the Belgium Star of Excellence from Brussels, with a gold star on the bottle and a bulbous shape. And with the accompanying legend of how Herb Fanning, when he learned of the competition, simply pulled three bottles from the line and sent them in (rather than selecting the best he could find). And lo and behold, JD won. Certainly, the whiskey in this bottle must be something special...

...and hello IT'S THE SAME SHIT AS REGULAR JD. Wow, those geniuses at Brown-Forman must've worked hard to dig up a record of a long-forgotten obscure 60 year old contest from the filing cabinet in the basement (behind the janitor's bathroom, no doubt), a contest that probably no-one in 1954 cared about, let alone now. Well, at least it's the same price as a regular bottle. That is all.

Welcome back @talexander! I almost pulled the trigger on this one for the bling on the bottle, but mom recently found my long lost five star collection, they were tucked away with the 'Proud to be Canadian' stickers, lol (for those of you too young to know about this, some whisky bottles came with plastic stars and peel-off stickers that were at one time extremely popular collectibles) No need for one more bottle of mediocrity beside the Canada Dry ginger ale.

Thanks @paddockjudge! Yeah, save your bucks (unless you like JD. Like I said, it's the same price)

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