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Jack Daniel's Single Barrel Silver Select

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Jack Daniel's Single Barrel Silver Select

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Jack Daniel's Single Barrel Silver Select

The Single Barrel Silver Select is only available at travel retail; I picked it up in October whilst coming back from WhiskyFest NYC. What makes it different from the usual SBs is that these barrels come from the highest location in the warehouse; the higher temperatures there result in more interaction between spirit and oak. Unfortunately (and like the Holiday Select 2014), the barrel number is not stated - there may be variations between bottles but you won't be able to effectively compare them. Also, at 50% ABV, this is to my knowledge the highest strength JD available (though they are soon coming out with a Barrel Strength SB).

The colour is an extremely dark, reddish copper. On the nose we have black cherries, white pepper, wood smoke, oak and a hint of mint. Much more subtle than I was expecting, but it is a freshly opened bottle so perhaps it needs some air. A little muted, and water doesn't really open it up much.

There is much more going on with the palate. More black cherries but combined with hot cayenne, rye, walnuts and lots of ginger. Not as oily as expected; extremely chewy with oak, more so with water. I like it but it is a bit too oaky, and off balance with the quieter nose.

The finish is very woody with cloves, dark chocolate and more rye spice. This is very interesting in the sense that we can see how the spirit interacts with even greater oak influence - and bottled at a higher strength. I find it a bit too much - and why is that nose so damn quiet? - but it certainly gives the tastebuds a workout.

Comparisons: much oakier and not as complex as SB 15-5238. Similarly, much bolder but also lacking the lighter, more savoury spices of 14-5813. Not as fruity and playful as the Holiday Select 2014. Surprisingly, it's more in the Old No. 7 wheelhouse, except it's just more and more and more.

I have a bottle of Gentleman Jack, and the JD taste profile (I find it bland and uninteresting) makes me avoid buying another of their products. Just curious as to how much this goes for in travel retail, and is it worth it? Your review makes it sound interesting.

I don't recall how much I paid but it was probably around $US50 or so. And Gentlemen Jack is very bland and uninteresting, but not the Single Barrel range. However, I'm definitely in the minority of whisky connoisseurs who like JD - most hate it.


Lovely dark mahogany colour with long legs in glass.

Nose: typical JD aromas but punched to a different level with the extra ABV, banana, caramel vanilla and wood char.

Palate: caramel, wood and spice with too much alcohol bite, the balance and integration of the spirit is off, a little water helps with the bite but does no favours to the wood which gets an astringent bitter edge.

Finish: warming all the way with the alcohol heat but not a lot of the flavour carrying through.

Found the single barrel too be more to my taste, I manage bourbons to 55ABV without water regularly but do not enjoy the bite in this variant, still a massive improvement on No.7.


Jack Daniel's Silver Select is high strength but surprisingly mellow. Balancing with sweetness and spices, it is nicely complex and subtle. Every barrel is aged in a different location in their warehouse.

Jack Daniel's Silver Select caught me off-guard. I really didn't expect much from it. Well, not a great one after all but still, 80 point dram, which is always a good result.

I'll name this JD in movie talk as the "Crazy Heart". Because after all, Bad Blake is actually good. And straight up from America like country music.

Nose: Vanilla and citrus with caramel and cinnamon. Surprisingly a subtle nose.

Taste: Thick and sweet with wee spices. Sugar and vanilla with some salty tones and wood.

Finish: Nicely long with lots of spices. Some sugar and fruity notes too.

Balance: Very nice and smooth, when thinking that this is actually Jack Daniel's! Thick and characteristic but for this much ABV, surprisingly smooth.

Crazy Heart! Great film!

Yes indeed, saw it on Finnish telly last weekend so it was a easy pick. Well, the movie is better than this JD but they do have very much in common.


grabbed a bottle of this lovely offering at duty free recently.... 50% silver select..

so much going on... the nose is rum-rich brown sugar, fresh citrus, oakey spice and fresh pines...

on the palate there is this bitter-sweet burn from the 50% ABV mixed with a fresh pine and salty flavour and a contrast of young and very old bourbon... not sure what that means but it's good...

finish is again bitter-sweet with burnt sugar lime cloves and spice...

knocks spots off the general release No7...


I had the regular Old No 7 from Jack Daniel’s before and now tried the big brother, the Single Barrel Silver Select.

He has a lot in common with the Old No 7 (sweet corn, vanilla, coconut and oranges with a tiny bit of banana), but the higher ABV (50% instead of Old No 7’s 40% ABV) does give an extra kick.

In fact, I took me by surprise. Ouch!

On the palate, it starts out sweet, but then you get a kick in the teeth (excuse my French) that leaves you breathless. Very spicy!

The finish is short to medium, spicy and powerful.

Much better than the regular Old No 7, which is no surprise.

Just bought a bottle of this from duty free.... Knocks spots off the regular mass market offering... Very smooth.. No gluey nose but a lovely cinnamon and spice mixed with sugar bourbon, spicy arrival and long finish, melts in the mouth, hints of lemons and cloves... Well worth 75 points..

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