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Johnnie Walker Green Label 15 Year Old

Monster Nose

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31st Dec 2019


Johnnie Walker Green Label 15 Year Old
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Nose: Pretty glorious at the price a wee bit of an experience all on its own! What I like about it is it combines the wet outdoors with the fireplace type nose. So a little earthy but also probably most of those wood, oak, smokey (this is not a smokey, peaty dram though, just a whiff of the grate is all). There'll be lots i'm missing here, it's not within my gift to pick out the different notes i'm afraid, but there's loads going on here. 100% worth one at the bar just for the nose.

Mouth: Very prickly which then immediately retreats in to something must more subtle and smooth but still crisp. Grain, nutty, very full in the mouth.

End: Long, surprisingly long given it's "just" medium on the palate but it really makes its mark. And the thing is, from the top, at the nose, down through the mouth, down into the swallow and finish, it's a really looooong experience. Sweet, more clean wood but leads into something a little sharper at the very end, I think what people call spicy.

If you can find it for £40, find two, you're gonna need them.

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