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Johnny Drum Private Stock

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18th Feb 2011


Johnny Drum Private Stock
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Johnny Drum is a brand from the collection of Even Kulsveen's Kentucky Bourbon Distillers, Ltd. This means that he buys and bottles the whiskeys, and the distillery for each product is unstated. There are Johnny Drum products 4,12,and 15 years old. The Johnny Drum Private Stock review bottle does not have an age statement, but previous editions of Johnny Drum Private Stock with the same labeling have been labeled 15 yrs old. My estimate here is that this is mostly 15 yr old whiskey but there are probably some younger whiskies in this as well

Nose: moderate intensity sweet maple, oak, a little caramel and vanilla

Taste: first arrives a lot of intense oak and maple flavours, then big delicious rye spices, pleasantly sweet, with a significant alcohol greeting when consumed neat

Finish: the finish is long and strong with wood flavours and spices remaining til the end

Balance: this is a very flavourful bourbon, with good balance between the wood and rye flavours. I have tried the younger Black Label Johnny Drum and like it as well, but this Private Stock is more sophisticated and smoother. This is not a very commonly available brand in my area, but I would definitely recommend your trying it if you have the opportunity to do so. Having sampled maybe 70 bourbons I would describe Johnny Drum Private Stock as a quintessential example of what a good flavourful bourbon tastes like

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GJR71 commented

Nice review, I reviewed it on my blog also, but for me, well it's not bad but probably it aint my cup of tea (Scoring it 75). Something in it's taste I can't get my hands on, perhaps it's my short experience with whisky, but to this moment I like (staying with bourbon)a Blanton more.

13 years ago 0

Victor commented

Hello, @GJR71. Individual tastes do indeed vary. I have tried two different batches of Blanton's and so far have not found one that I liked. I do leave open the possibility that I will find one pleasing to my palate in the future, though.

13 years ago 0

powerT commented

I will have to agree with GJR71. A friend gave me a bottle. It was drinkable, but pretty bland with nothing more than sweet corn going on.

I think a 75 is generous.

11 years ago 0