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JP Wiser's Alumni Series Martin Brodeur

Don't get shut out of this one

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19th Feb 2022


JP Wiser's Alumni Series Martin Brodeur
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Another entry into the Alumni Series. These whiskies have been generally good, if not necessarily ground-breaking. This one is a three-grain blend aged for 12 years in 4 casks types (Canadian, bourbon, French oak, and virgin oak), and bottled at 47%. Like the rest of the Alumni whiskies, these specifications are tied in to the player's career, but I'll leave you to discover that for yourself.

On the nose, this one yields a heavy, classic Canadian profile. Caramel corn, wet stone, vanilla, and maple-nut. Maybe a hint of orange peel. Warm and inviting with baking spices. Sort of like a dusty spice cupboard, I suppose.

Full-bodied on the tongue. Immediate sweetness of brown sugar following up with mineral and spice. Hard caramel candy. Again, that caramel corn. Molasses and oak char. Lots of assertive oakiness at the back of the tongue.

The finish is mostly mouth-tingling oak spice, with fading sweetness. Overall, this one might not be destined for the Hall of Fame but definitely deserves a nod for the All-Star team. A really good example of a grain-forward Canadian whisky, with a sweet core surrounded by oak and spice. Very drinkable and satisfying. Would buy again.

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