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Knob Creek 9 Year Old

Knob Creek 9 Year Old

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13th Nov 2012


Knob Creek 9 Year Old
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First review here, hopefully it's helpful.

Whiskey tasted neat.

Appearance: deep golden amber, fairly thick 'legs' when glass is tilted.

Nose: Initially a tad closed. A few minutes of air allows it to open up, revealing notes of caramel, maple, and light oak.

Palate: Flavored with strong maple initially, fading to light spice (cinnamon and clove mainly) with a faint touch of smoke. Bold oak flavor throughout, increasing in intensity over time. Rich and boldly flavored, but a tad unbalanced, with the oak dominating the sip (particularly towards the end). Quite easy to drink neat despite being 100 proof.

Finish: Medium-length and drying. Redolent of oak and slightly bitter wood resin with a bit of lingering maple sweetness and mild spice notes.

Overall impressions: A bold-flavored bourbon with some good flavours and strong wood notes that are interesting, but not overly complex and a little bit off-balance, with a dry, slightly bitter oak finish I didn't love. Good mouth feel and rich maple sweetness did combat this during the sip but the finish and the latter part of the sip itself were too heavy on the wood and resin. The nose needs a few minutes of air or a splash of water to open up.

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GotOak91 commented

Nice first review and welcome to the world that is Connosr

11 years ago 0

BourbonNorth1 commented

Thanks, GotOak91. I've been coming here for reviews for a while now and generally found it extremely useful.

11 years ago 0