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Lot No. 40's average rating is 89/100 from 14 reviews and 22 ratings

Lot No. 40 reviews

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Lot No. 40 Lot No 40 Cask Strength 12 Year Old

Almond Cake Lot No. 40 Lot No 40 Cask Strength 12 Year Old

Lot No 40 released its first cask strength edition in 2017, with an age statement of 12 years. Just a few bottles shy of 5000 were released. Thanks to my buddy Robert from Québec, I was able to give this…

@markjedi1By @markjedi16 months ago 0 083

Lot No. 40

Pine Bark Lot No. 40

Lot No 40 is a cheap rye whisky that was awarded ‘Best Canadian Whisky’ twice already (albeit at the Canadian Whisky Awards, first in 2013 and again in 2016 – funnily enough the year in which Jim Murray…

@markjedi1By @markjedi16 months ago 0 279

Lot No. 40

A Lot of Big Flavour Lot No. 40

This is an abridged version of a blog post I'll be publishing tomorrowIf the Internet is correct, the original Lot 40 (circa late 1990s) was the brainchild of then Master Distiller Mike Booth. It was an…

@OdysseusUnboundBy @OdysseusUnbound about one year ago 5 1589

Lot No. 40

Excellent, unique rye... Lot No. 40

Well, Canada Day may have come and gone, but I think now’s as good a time as ever to post what I can honestly call my favourite Canadian whisky to date. Here we have Corby’s Lot No. 40. Produced at Hiram…

@hunggarBy @hunggar3 years ago 0 088

Lot No. 40

The new (non-2012) batch Lot No. 40

This whisky is made from the same stuff as the 2012 batch, except that it was actually aged in wood a few extra years (and the bottle no longer contains "2012" on it). Nose: Dried fruits, cinnamon, and…

@JasonHambreyBy @JasonHambrey3 years ago 0 191

Lot No. 40

Lot no. 40 (2012) Lot No. 40

This whisky was well regarded among whisky connoisseurs, until it disappeared roughly a decade ago. However, it was re-released in 2012 and was received very well - once again. It is a 100% malted rye…

@JasonHambreyBy @JasonHambrey4 years ago 0 091

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