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Lp1 - Elements of Islay

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Lp1 - Elements of Islay

Product details

  • Brand: Laphroaig
  • Bottler: Speciality Drinks Ltd
  • Series: Elements of Islay
  • ABV: 58.8%

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Lp1 - Elements of Islay

You wouldn't think you would want a Laphroaig on a warm spring day like today - but since they are my personal favourite (so this review is biased!) I couldn't resist.

Elements of Islay is an independent bottling (from The Whisky Exchange) where they blend together casks (or use single casks - one never knows) from single distilleries (full strength, non coloured, non chill filtered), and market it like some kind of alcoholic chemistry experiment (even to the extent of being "signed off" by some expert; in the case of this bottle, by Charles Maclean). They even go so far as to have www.islay.com as their URL, like some kind of definitive statement on the island. Lp1 is their first (and so far only) Laphroaig expression.

The whisky coats the glass - you can see the high proof - and the colour is a deep yellow, no unlike, um...urine. The nose is a warm wave of peat reek, lemon, misty sea air, and licorice. Water brings out more citrus....ahhhh.

Then it is an explosion in the mouth, peat smoke of course but also chili oil, hay, and damp earth. Somehow it is both very light (honey?) yet strong (tobacco). Very medicinal but even richer with a little water.

Perfectly balanced. There is more peat in the mouth than on the nose, and a long, dying campfire finish that just makes you melt inside. The oily mouthcoating stays with you for days. More Laphroaigy than Laphroaig - and it's rare when the product itself surpasses the clever and creative marketing. I love love love it. Right now - my favourite whisky.

Recently I sampled the Lp5 at a tasting and it was just braincookingly good. excellent and uncompromised Laphroaig. Is this a bit like the distillery cask strength botteling? I never had that one before

A most tasty Laphroaig! Very bright. Thank you for a nice review and for sharing a sample from that 375 ml bottle.


The bottle, which is designed in an unusually minimal style, would almost look at home in laboratory; inspired by the sparse typography of periodic tables past, it invokes memories of school days, double chemistry and pencil shavings.

The whisky itself, although crisper and clearer than it's Laphroaigian cousins, has more character than the bottle would let on; (pleasant) hints of medicine and antiseptic loom over a much deeper, earthier flavours.

Pine and aniseed cut through lightly toasted almonds and clear runny honey. The finish is long and smoothing; this is a whipper-snapper of a Laphroaig with complexity beyond its years, an old head on young shoulders.

I must admit, this packaging series appeals to my science-enthusiast side. But to read such a description of what's inside - excellent stuff. I'm gonna need a bigger bit of paper for this list...

I managed to procure a bottle here in Toronto - absolutely wonderful!

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