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Macallan 12 Year Old fine oak

Unripening over time

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@ShrikeReview by @Shrike

25th Dec 2011


Macallan 12 Year Old fine oak
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This is merely a starter review, please look elsewhere for reviews which cover the complexities better.

(At first tasting) The nose, taste and finish were all over powered by over-ripe fruit given enough time with this dram.

Oddly enough, the opening nose makes the brief finish relatively weaker than it should be.

(After being left 3 months at quarter-full) The nose is rich and much creamier than the taste. It contains aspects of nut (possibly macadamia), hints of banana, and a very strong note of white chocolate and rasberry.

The taste is no longer over-ripe, however the taste of bitter plum-pit is quite potent (if not dominating). There are obviously strong citrus tones, both zest and flesh. There is also a number of herbs, sage being foremost.

The finish is just as short, and much weaker, however it is a lot more pleasant overall. There is no real evolution from the taste, although there is a slight curling in the flavours - pleasantly aging while skirting around withering, to a respectful departure.

(I would have given the first tasting a 58 of 100, after 3 months of oxidation, I would give this dram a 68/100. The final score is the likely average that the Macallan 12 y/o would score in the interim)

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