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Macallan 18 Year Old Sherry Oak

A stunner. The perfect Sherry dram!

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@galgReview by @galg

8th Mar 2010


Macallan 18 Year Old Sherry Oak
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Nose: Wow. what a stunner this one is. Amazing nose on this Macallan. i really love it from first whiff : sweet dried fruit jump up your nostrils, followed by Chocolate , Spice, Sugar cane sweetness, and some prunes. This is one of the greatest noses on a sherry malt i’ve sniffed in a while. this is what you will see in the dictionary under “Rich” .Kudos.

Palate: Sweet, some oaky notes (dry). Chocolate, Sultanas , XMas cake (and thank you Jason from WHISKYhost). it’s sweet, it’s cuddly. it’s a perfect mouth for an Israeli winter night (not to cold mind you, i guess maybe 12 deg C- yes don’t laugh. this is winter here). Although i do like the nose an itsy bit more than the palate.

Finish: Sweeeeeet. Not very long, Medium i should say. but it leaves a tingly spiciness on the tongue after all the sweeties have gone. Strong Prunes influence (Sun dried prunes).

To sum things up:

A real charmer of a dram. Excellent for wintry nights, or when you are into a some sweet nose and palate. Heartwarming, and throat too. Very Good balance on the sweet/spicy stuff. Great work there Macallan guys.


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jdcook commented

Wow - that sounds awesome!

14 years ago 0

BonnieMac commented

This is my favorite! I don't remember when I first tasted The Macallan 18, and it doesn't matter - sentimentality isn't necessary here - the smokiness and the smoothness with the slight sherry scent is beyond perfection! If given a choice of shelves filled with different selections, or ONLY Macallan 18...I'd choose the latter!!!

14 years ago 0