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Mortlach BB&R 1995 17 Year Old

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17th May 2015


Mortlach BB&R 1995 17 Year Old
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This is a review for BB&R Mortlach 1995 17 year old, cask 3400. I picked this up during a trip to the US because I wanted to try an indie Mortlach. Uncharacteristically, I did not conduct my usually research prior to purchasing a bottle (I took a punt, as it were). For that, I paid a terrible price....(well, not really)

Nose: sugar, cereal, green pear, lemon zest, and polish. Water does not affect the nose very much.

Palate: sharp, zesty, and spicy, with some sweetness hiding underneath. Lemon cereal and polish emerge. Water mellows the alcohol hit, but also any lingering sweetness.

Finish: sharp, long, and zesty without any sweetness. Bitters out (in an unpleasant way) after a few moments.

This malt had some pleasant moments - the complex and multifaceted nose, the occasionally balanced palate when zest and sweet were in tandem. But, overall, just too sharp and bitter for excellence.

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jerryclyde commented

Thanks for the nice review. We had differing impressions about this malt. I found the nose to be all over the place - I could never get a handle on it. And believe me, I tried. However, I found the barley surge and luscious mouth feel to be excellent and felt that the wood tannins were kept in check. I was a bit surprised to find a Berry Bros bottling on this side of the Atlantic.

7 years ago 0