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Noh Karuizawa 32 Year Old 1977 Cask 4592

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Noh Karuizawa 32 Year Old 1977 Cask 4592

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Noh Karuizawa 32 Year Old 1977 Cask 4592

This is an amazing gem, hard to find (only 190 bottles). It’s not very often I get a chance to try this hard to get, expensive whisky. I got this from Master of Malt sample series, a great way to try really amazing whiskies for a nice price.

The ABV his amazing, but still calm when nosing. I’m impressed that it doesn’t burn your nose away. Lots of toffee, wine, sherry and sweets.

The taste comes to like a bomb of sherry, grass, wine. Really complex but still very compact and fresh. Some nuttiness and bitter.

To summarize it, it will not come any better than this. Strong, bold, beautiful and burning. Lots nice sweetness and sherry with lime fruits and wood. Go and get it if you find one.

Thanks for the review, sounds wonderful!


Nose: Ooof. That’s some powerful stuff going on here with the 60.7% ABV. It needs time and some water in order for us mere mortals to get through and sniff those magical odours. After some time i am beginning to make sense of all this : Cherries dipped in thick alcoholic syrup. Big Sherry, with a masculine bite to it. Reminds me a little of Mortlach. A bit nutty as well ? And then some marmalade.

Palate: Big,Oily body. Starting with a peppery avalanche of flavours, then we’re off to a treat with some nuts, and cherry notes. In addition some notes of newly ground Tabaco, and hints of chocolate as well. I am also getting wee smoke. Is this real? Complexity. Period. Wow.

Finish : Long, savoury. Nuts, cherries, and that Tabaco.

Bottom line : I am in love. This is one devil of sherry goodness,Complexity and sheer pleasure and joy. With an amazing ABV ,and oodles of oomph. Bring me more!!!!!!

My birthday is coming in a few months’ time. wink wink. say no more

i want too!

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