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Penderyn Madeira Finish

Pinky Peppery Penderyn

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26th Nov 2011


Penderyn Madeira Finish
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I had a taste of Penderyn way back when it first came out, but didn't take notes and didn't really follow it up - until now. I've had this bottle of Madeira finish in the cupboard for almost a year, so I figure it's time to finally make good some notes...

I've heard the Penderyn distillery described variously as 'new', 'interesting', 'exciting' and 'totally bonkers', so expectations were... mixed. Fortunately this manages to simultaneously avoid them as well as live up to them - there's a distinctness here which turns out to be fairly drinkable.

Up the nose: Initial attractive - honey and grass and fizzy strawberry bootlaces, then some fudge and toffee. Splashed on the palms, very perfumey.

Body: The honey gets joined by spices and pepper, for a sweet-n-sour sauce kind of young zest. Alongside, a sticky sweetness like slightly ripe or stewed fruit - apples and peaches? I imagine a still that's been infused with tutti-frutti for a year.

Finish: Warm apple/guava juice, with the same grassy notes from the beginning. Fruity and drinkable, but with a strange ring to it.

I like this, it makes me think of countrysides and summer, pollen-filled hay fields with a warm, pink Sun making its way toward the horizon. Yes, this whiskey puts "pink" into my mind. Overall, a drinkable, tasty dram with a subtle attraction.

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