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Penderyn Peated (Limited Edition)

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Penderyn Peated (Limited Edition)

Product details

  • Brand: Penderyn
  • Bottler: Unknown
  • ABV: 50.0%

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Penderyn Peated (Limited Edition)

Nose: youthful corn, clean peat, no smoke, medicinal

Appearance: light color, low oak influence

Palate: brine, kosher salt, chalk, cask strength is apparent, hot on roof of the mouth on the finish, nice length on the finish for a young whiskey

The packaging is unique. There is a small write up on the inside stating the barrel numbers and bottle number. I have bottle 824 out of 1000. The kosher salt reference would just be similar to a table salt. Some koshers aren't iodized.

The packaging is very different from the standard range. It looks great but I imagine its a pain to store.

What are the characteristics of kosher salt?

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