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Teachers Highland Cream

Creamy Like Its Name Says

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4th Apr 2016


Teachers Highland Cream
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Right off the bat I gotta say this is one of the more complex scotch blends for the price. Where I live in Canada this is only around $30. It says on the bottle that it contains 45% Ardmore which a heavily peated whisky so this will be smokey. They might be using a bit of caramel colouring but if they are its not much since the colour is quite light

Nose: You get the smokey peatyness right away, not a lot but it's definitely there. There's pear and apple, people say caramel or vanilla which I don't get. It's very floral and earthy and complex.

Palate: Its very creamy like the name says. Coats the mouth quite nicely. Little peat, tastes a lot like the nose with the pears and apples, I'd say it's more a green apple. Little bits of oak. Quite a nice taste for the low price.

Finish: I'd say the finish is medium short with lasting smokeyness. It finishes quite dry.

Overall: if your not into super peaty whiskies but you enjoy some peat then this is a good blended scotch for you. There isn't to much smokey flavour but enough to satisfy. For the price you can't really beat this one, much more complex than other scotch blends in the lower price range. I'd say gIve it a try if you haven't already!

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