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Tomatin Legacy

You say Tomatin, I say Tomato

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4th Feb 2014


Tomatin Legacy
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So, is the Tomatin Legacy a "rotten tomato?" No, not quite, but it's not a good scotch, either. I only paid $30 for the bottle, so it's not as if I feel cheated.

When it comes to Scotch, you get what you pay for . . . at least on the bottom rung of the price ladder. Go up a few rungs, and, well, things change. I've tasted $65 bottles that destroy $125 bottles in terms of quality, satisfaction and elegance. But that's another story. We're on the bottom rung of the ladder with this bottle of Legacy perched in front of me n my desk, so I will proceed with the tasting notes.

Appearance: A nice immaculate gold, most likely with the help of E150a.

Nose: Needs time in glass. Curdled butter, rancid coconut, stale butterscotch, sour barley, maple syrup on fresh granola.

Palate: Baby puke, astringent initial grip on taste buds followed by a "miller lite" finish with generous (or not so generous depending upon how you look a it) hints of the nose.

Finish: A lot like the nose. Short and flat. Bitter gets into a wrestling match with sickly sweet. Sickly sweet wins. Reeeeeady to ruuuuuuummmmmbuuuull!

At 43% this watery-thin stuff doesn't need any more h2o.

If you buy a bottle of the Legacy, do yourself a favor and drink it on ice. I'm sure it's quite pleasant with ice and soda.

Neat? Uh, no. Not so much. Call me spoiled: I stocked up on a few bottles of Isle of Skye 12 year for $19 per bottle when the state liquor control racket phased out the 12 in favor of the 8, which actually sells for more today than the 12 did on clearance (it's long gone now). Isle of Skye 12 is what I've been serving my guests who don't have much appreciation for scotch and pretty much just chug it.

The Isle of Skye 12 blows the doors off Legacy. Hands down. I'm going to save the rest of my Skye and use up this bottle of Legacy for the same purpose. It will be gone in about three or four more months of after dinner drinks with "whisky heathen" friends who can't learn the fine art of sipping a scotch and appreciating it. C'est la vie.

For the money, next time I will go with bourbon and pick up a bottle of Buffalo Trace or Elmer T. Lee. When it comes to scotch, in Oregon, you really can't get a very good bottle for under $40. There is one secret bottle that I can get for $30, but Legacy ain't it.

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Rigmorole commented

Just tried the Legacy with ice and a little soda water. It's better than Johnnie Walker red in my estimation. Not as much smoke, of course. This isn't even a little smoky. If you like a fairly neutral scotch with hints of maple and brown sugar on ice, along with soda water, then this is a great choice, to be sure

10 years ago 0

Rigmorole commented

This seems to feel "clean " in my system, unlike Walker Red that feels a bit rough. By this, I mean it won't make you pay as much the next day. It's a fairly "clean" scotch on ice. Better than bottom shelf bar choices, that's for sure. I think it pretty much kicks Cutty Sark's azz. It's smoother and won't light a fire in your wind pipe like The Sark will.

10 years ago 0

Rab4782 commented

Rigmorole, You don't know your arse from your elbow! Who says " miller lite finish with generous or not so generous, depending upon how you look at it, hints of the nose? Firstly, I assume you meant ON the nose and not OF the nose. Secondly..generous or not generous depending on how you look at it? What the flock is that supposed to mean? Listen, it's this simple.....you taste a whisky and you either like it or you don't. Or even better, you're not sure and have to try another just to make sure! I'm new here but would like to think that we all have the same interest at heart...Scotch Whisky. None bad...just some better than others. SlĂ inte!

10 years ago 0